Remember when you were young and adults would always tell you to share? Sometimes you didn’t want to share because the item in question was too awesome to give up or because the kid you were supposed to share with was a dork. Well, no matter how selfish or selfless you have become, sharing content is huge for your business.

As of February, Facebook was having 5 billion pieces of content shared a week, Eric Eldon of Inside Facebook reported. That is a ton of shared content and this number continues to grow as more and more users find themselves using Facebook. Not only is content being shared heavily through social media but friends of sharers are more likely to view the content in its entirety than someone that just happens upon the content.

How can you capitalize on content sharing? Keep updating your blog, Twitter and any other outlet you can. Also, when you are in ShortStack, click the Edit Widget button, go to the ┬áSocial Options tab, open up the Configure Sharing option and click the button marked “Enable Sharing.” Throw in a title, caption and description and when a fan of yours shares one of your tweets, videos, pics or one of the other widgets their friends will be more inclined to come check out your Facebook page.

Enable sharing and let your fans sell your business for you. It is that easy.



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