How does Facebook’s discontinuation of Static FBML affect ShortStack? What about IFrames?

Here’s a question we’ve been getting a lot over the past few days since Facebook announced the switch to IFrame applications starting March 11, 2011.

“How does Facebook’s discontinuation of Static FBML affect ShortStack?”

The short answer is: We’re all set.

We’ve known about the upcoming switch to IFrames for about 7 months now (here’s our last post on the topic), so IFrame functionality is thoroughly ‘baked-in” to ShortStack. We use very little FBML (and we don’t use the Static FBML application at all) in our widgets and we already serve alternative code in the preview window that you see when designing your tab in ShortStack. In fact, the preview window is exactly what we will be using when Facebook Page applications switch to IFrames March 11. Any ShortStack tabs already installed prior to the switch will continue to function as is, indefinitely, and we’ll offer the ability to upgrade your existing tabs to the IFrame version, with one click, on a tab-by-tab basis.

We’re really excited about Facebook’s transition to IFrame applications since we’ll be able to add even more features to the platform.



5 Responses to How does Facebook’s discontinuation of Static FBML affect ShortStack? What about IFrames?
  1. Jan Reply

    I don’t see anything to be excited about or to be happy about. i-Frames are completely invisible to a search engine, so other than for “fun”, there’s not much point to putting feeds or things on your page if it has to be in an I-Frame.

    • admin Reply

      @Jan- we’re referring to Facebook’s use of iframe applications, which allows a lot more traditional web functionality than the current FBML apps. I’m unsure about the SEO effects, Facebook application pages have never seemed to rank very well anyway. Hopefully that changes soon. Thanks!

  2. RadCon Reply


    If the preview is perfect in the iFrame mode, does it mean I can switch to it with no risk ?

    • Stephen Reply

      Yes you should be able to switch from FBML to iFrames with no problems. However, nothing is perfect so if you run into any issues then go ahead and submit us a ticket so we can help you resolve anything that comes up. Thanks.

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