USA Women Fall to Japan, Set Twitter Record

Sunday marked a rough ending to a nerve-wracking, edge-of-your-seat Women’s World Cup. I’m not here to breakdown the whole game, because odds are, even if you didn’t see it, you heard about it online. In fact, I don’t even think you had to watch the game to know exactly what was going on. All you needed to do was check Twitter.

I, on the other hand,  had to do the opposite. As a huge soccer (football) fan, I was home for the weekend watching the game. Then my dad decided to make something to eat, while the game was still 1-0 USA, and took advantage of the ability to pause live TV, as he didn’t want to miss anything. This put me in quite the predicament. Anyone who knows me, knows I tweet about EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to my sporting events (I predict a solid 500+ tweets once college football season starts back up, and I get back to supporting my Wolf Pack). So, it was insanely difficult for me to be a solid 10 minutes behind the game, unable to tweet about anything, or check any tweets.

That didn’t stop the rest of the world though, check this out:

This game set a new tweets per second record on twitter. Interestingly enough, the previous record was set at 6,939 tweets per second, by Japanese citizens, seconds after the country entered the new year on January 1, 2011.  It’s pretty interesting to see Japans twitter habits, currently, they are the 3rd top country on Twitter (behind the United States and India, respectively).

The game definitely made is presence known online, becoming a trending topic on google, and dominating the trending topics on twitter:

  • World Cup Final
  • Red Card
  • Brandi Chastain
  • Julie Foudy
  • Tobin Heath
  • Congrats Japan
  • Great Game
Japan winning the game also inspired tweets supportive of the country after its challenging year marked by a devastating earthquake which lead to a 23-foot tsunami. Twitter users chimed in on the disappointment from the loss, combined with pride for Japan

Shortly after, the Women’s National Team players logged on and also weighed in on their reactions to the tough loss:

What does all this mean for social media? Well, more than you would initially think. The Women’s World Cup has shown us a lot of things about social media and world events. The Women’s World Cup boosted the interest of soccer in the United States, and a nail-biting final game pitted two countries against each other in two ways: on and off the field. The final game displayed how the two countries performed not only in soccer but also social media.




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  1. Steve - ROI detector Reply

    Social Media (especially Twitter) does a great job of spreading good will but it also spreads the worst parts too. One of the trends early in the game referred to “remembering Pearl Harbor”. Though it is nice to know the majority of responses were positive.

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