The Rebecca Black Phenomenon: 5 Ways She Used Social Media to Her Advantage Despite The Haters

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!”– it’s only right that this post go up today.

Despite thousands of haters, Rebecca Black has two top Billboard hits, fame and most recently, a Teen Choice Award and a fresh record deal under her belt. So how is possible that a person so disliked, patronized and lets all say it, not overly talented, as Black has such a currently thriving career? Simple. The fourteen-year-old has leveraged social media to her advantage. Here’s what can be learned from this tween’s success.

Be Bold

To take a couple lines from Rebecca Black’s new single My Moment, “Weren’t you the one that said I would be nothing? Well I’m about to prove you wrong.” Her social media presence has proved to be just as bold and statement worthy as her lyrics. From wall Posts claiming that This truly is her moment to starting her own catch phrase #WESOEXCITED, this girl makes headlines because social media is the crutch that keeps her relevant.

Shamelessly Promote 

It’s nothing to put a head down for, nearly all celebs do it. As for Rebecca Black’s display of shameless self-promotion, it’s on her Facebook Fan Page that in several updates she asks her fans to vote for her for her Teen Choice Award’s nomination — which proved to be a good move as she did win. And even better, just before that, her fans got a play-by-play of how many Youtube views she was getting on her new My Moment music video. As much as it is shameless to self-promote, that’s what social media is about so more power to her.

Don’t Listen to the Haters

Just as Dislikes take the majority on her Youtube music videos, Black’s Facebook Fan Page is similar– for every one nice comment, expect a handful of hater comments. Despite the heat, it hasn’t stopped the newly crowned pop princess from keeping her name from being a trending topic and it hasn’t yet kept her from making money from her music either.

Carpe Diem

The foundation for Rebecca Black’s mega success is her music video Friday. From its upload date, the video as many know it, has gone insanely viral. Although going viral isn’t what Black can totally credit to her staying power. Instead, it is that she seized the day and her moment. There’s always the latest viral video floating around the internet and the blogosphere, but in order to capitalize on going viral, a person needs to embrace social media as Black as done. Like Justin Bieber, whose claim to fame also came from Youtube, Black has used social media as a resource to leverage her success.

Be Authentic 

Like her recent stage mate Katy Perry, Black is one star that has embraced her personal authenticity and child-like eagerness as she uses her social media platforms, like Facebook, to keep her valuable image matched to truth. After all, she is just a 14 year old. For that reason, many her age and younger look up to Black not just because she’s made huge success from a viral video, but because she does embody those qualities that of a regular tween. Therefore, that is what makes her authentic–being normal  in a city where normal really isn’t so.





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