Introducing ShortStack’s Spotlight Series!

If we could high five all of our ShortStack users we would. Since that’s not really possible, we’d like to say “great job” and “thanks” in a different way– by showing your business and your Facebook Page off on our ShortStack blog.

Through beautiful custom-built Page designs and creative widget integration, these users represent the ShortStack platform amazingly well. Therefore, as an opportunity to celebrate and show off some of the awesome ShortStack Pages that we come across daily, we’re introducing our ShortStack Spotlight Series. Yeah, this gives a chance to brag a little bit about our talented Stackers, but mostly it’s a chance for our users’ Pages to get a little more exposure and well-deserved love.

If you have an awesome custom-built ShortStack app that you’d like to show off through our ShortStack Spotlight Series, email with your Page’s Facebook URL and a little bit of what you’re about. 

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