The Difference Between EdgeRank and Graph Rank

Earlier this week Inside Facebook released an article titled, “EdgeRank and Graph Rank Defined.” For anyone who has ever had any confusion over the two algorithms, I’ve provided a summary of the post below. Here’s exactly what you need to know:


EdgeRank determines what content shows up in the News Feed. This algorithm’s value is based on three things: affinity, weight and time.

Affinity: Measured by the engagements and interactions a user has with other posted content.

Weight: Measured by the type of content shared– each piece of content varies in Weight.

Time: Measured by the recency of a piece of content.

Based on the above, Facebook is able to assign a value to every piece of content that ends up in the News Feed. EdgeRank is also responsible for the content users don’t see in their feed. The less users interact with the Pages they have Liked, the less likely they are to see that Page’s content in their feed.

Graph Rank

Graph Rank is Facebook’s newest algorithm. Introduced in September at the f8 developer’s conference, Graph Rank can be explained as a formula used to determine how Facebook’s Open Graph application activity is distributed across the News Feed, Ticker and Timeline. Simply put, Graph Rank is the content sharing manager for Open Graph applications.

As Inside Facebook explains, “Graph Rank seeks to show users highly relevant application stories based on the other connections they’ve made on Facebook.” For example, if a user plays Words With Friends, that user is more likely to see relating stories in their feed from their friends.

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Although this is only a brief summary of Facebook’s two complex, content-organizing algorithms, I hope it proved worthwhile. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.



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