Beware of Timeline Deactivation Scam

Not surprisingly, there’s a swarm of unhappy, newly converted Facebook users already wanting to opt-out of Timeline. For those in a panic, rushing to try and revert their Timeline profiles back to the old profile view, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. It can’t be done and anything or anyone telling you otherwise is a scam or lying.

After making the decision to convert your profile to Timeline, Facebook users have 7 days to edit and review before their Timeline goes live and is seen by friends. At this time Facebook is not allowing users to revert or opt-out of Timeline and chances are, they won’t flex on this issue. Soon Timeline will be made mandatory for all users.

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Feeding off these users’ blind vulnerability are scammers. These scammers are developing Pages with fallacious instructions on how to revert from Timeline back to the old profile view. According to Inside Facebook, these fraudulent Pages have been promoting users to click a number of Like buttons, invite friends and even watch Youtube videos and download malicious files.

As recommended, users who find fraudulent Facebook Pages should use the “Report Page” button on the lower left hand side of the page.