Facebook’s News Feed Supports Sponsored Stories

Marketers and advertisers have a new reason to love Facebook: Sponsored Stories are now being featured in users’ News Feeds. Camouflaged amongst other News Feed posts, Sponsored Stories are revealed only by the text “Feature” located at the bottom right of the post.

As reported by Inside Facebook, Marketers can only pay for posts to be featured in the News Feeds of users that have already Liked their Page. However, other Sponsored Stories types that promote friend activity allow Pages to effectively reach new fans as well.

When Mashable spoke on the topic in December of last year, a Facebook rep provided confirmation that the Sponsored Stories ads will be used sparingly with most users only seeing the maximum of one ad per day in their News Feeds. Despite the minimal ad exposure, the inconspicuous nature of the advertisements still remains the issue.

What are your thoughts; is it upsetting that Facebook is allowing Sponsored Stories in the News Feed?