4 Tips for Promoting Your Facebook Application

Creating a Facebook application does not guarantee improved engagement. Nor does it guarantee a spike in new Page Likes. A Facebook application simply betters the chances of these things happening—but only when an effective launch plan is implemented with the release of the application.

If you’ve just built a custom Facebook application for your business and are seeing stagnant traffic, it’s most likely because the application wasn’t promoted well. With that said, here are four recommendations for improving an application’s traffic.

1.    Make a Facebook announcement: Immediately after a Facebook application has been published to a Page, let users know through a Facebook status-update post. The primary aim is to intrigue and direct Facebook users to the application. To do this, include a strong Call to Action in the post.

2.    Keep reminding users: On average only 16 percent of posted content is seen by fans. Because of this it’s important to make multiple Facebook announcements throughout the duration of a week (or the timeframe of the running app) to ensure that the greatest number of users see the announcement. Posting one time only is not enough to drive sustained traffic to an application.

3.    Promote the app in the company newsletter: Promoting a recently published Facebook application in the company newsletter is one way to increase app traffic from email readers. Depending also on the day the company newsletter is sent out, that same day could double as the launch date for a Facebook application.

4.    Invest in paid advertising: Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive. And despite criticism, Facebook advertisements are effective—especially when used correctly. To drive traffic through a Facebook ad, link back to the URL of the Facebook application. This makes it so that when a user clicks on a sidebar ad, they’re then directed straight to the app.

Designing and publishing a Facebook application is just the first step in trying to increase Page Likes and engagement with fans. The next and most important step is putting in the effort to promote the app.