9 Tips for Choosing An Effective Facebook Ad Image

The most important part of creating a Facebook ad is selecting the image. Images can either make or break the ad. When choosing images for your Facebook ad, here are some tips and examples of what to look for:

Quick note: These tips are a result of our experiences running ads on Facebook. Facebook ads perform differently for everyone, depending on how you target your ads. Click here to read a post about Facebook targeting.

Tip 1: People click on human faces: A friendly and inviting image of a person works well as a Facebook ad. Especially if it’s a face that’s familiar to the target audience. For example, if your business has a CEO or spokesperson who is recognizable to your ad’s target audience, use a photo of them for your ad image.

Tip 2: People click on human faces with text: What makes an ad with a human face even more effective is adding some text to the image. Add a block of text at the bottom, top or side of your ad image, and change things up.

Tip 3: People like to click on video play buttons: When people see an image with a video play button on it, they want to click on it. For ads that redirect to a Youtube channel or a Facebook app that hosts a youtube video, this tip is gold.

Tip 4: Don’t ask too many questions: Sometimes it’s best to be direct. If you’re running an ad that uses an image featuring a question on it, don’t ask a question in your ad copy, too. Too many questions are not going to entice users to click, it’ll turn them off because they haven’t been given enough information.

Tip 5: Test seasonal or holiday-themed images: Around Halloween we tested a Facebook ad with an image that said “Happy Halloween” because holiday-themed ads have shown to perform very well. Test one or two out for yourself– Kodak did.

Tip 6: Don’t try to be too clever: There’s a saying in social media that goes like this: “Don’t try to be clever. Be clever.” The same concept applies to choosing a Facebook ad image. Be witty and be funny, but don’t make a joke that you’re not 100 percent certain everyone will understand or find amusing.

Tip 7: Keep it simple: Remember, the size of your Facebook ad is only 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall. With small images, it’s best to keep colors and graphics at a minimum. Selecting the wrong graphic or color palette can easily make an ad image look too messy and prevent users from clicking on it.

Tip 8: Don’t be a car salesman: Ads that use all caps to advertise a promotion aren’t appealing to users. What’s appealing to users is when your product or service solves one of their problems or addresses a need. Instead of using an image to advertise that all items in your store are 20 percent off, use the image to showcase the functions and benefits of your product or service. Unless your business is giving something away for free, users aren’t too motivated to click your ad.

Tip 9: Keep your eyes open: If you’re a fan of Amy Porterfield or Melanie Duncan on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen Facebook ads show up on the sidebars of your home page. Take note of what their ads look like. These people are social media experts so it’s safe to assume that what they’re doing works. Also, try to recall election season. The folks running Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s social media ad campaigns are professionals. Make your own version of a Facebook ad they ran and test how it performs for you.

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