8 Ways to Create Better Facebook Content [CHECKLIST for 2013]

As you start to make Facebook marketing plans for 2013, here’s a handy checklist to help ensure your posts get maximum exposure: 
Keep posts short, skimmable. If there is one thing that’s widely known about people who read on the web, it’s that they skim. This is especially true on Facebook. Users want to glance at their News Feed and know instantly the gist of the post. Avoid frequently postings with the “… see more” link. If you have tons of elaborate content you want to share on Facebook, use Facebook Notes (see below for details). 
Use surveys. Use a ShortStack app to create customizable questionnaires that both engage your users and give you valuable data. For instance, if your business makes or sells cookware, try a “What Kind of Chef Are You?” survey. Ask questions such as, “Do you prefer to chop veggies by hand or with a food processor?” And “What is your favorite last-minute family dinner — pizza, pasta, or pancakes & bacon?” The kinds of information you gain from this type of survey can help you fine-tune future marketing efforts. 
Try Facebook Notes. Facebook Notes is a simple word-processing feature for Facebook users. Status Updates that you post to your Wall are limited to 420 characters and have no HTML capability. Using Notes you can write full length posts using formatting and images. The Notes feature link appears under your profile picture on the left side of your home page. Facebook Notes is a feature that not many businesses use. But it can provide your fans with details about special offers and events. The info also gets indexed in search engines, boosting SEO. Another way to boost SEO: use key words in the title of your Note.
Include calls to action. The way you phrase a Facebook Status Update determines how users engage with a page. The right “call to action” can motivate users to comment and/or share.
Five  time-tested tips:
•  Ask a question that speaks to your audience’s needs and interests. 
Provide some information to motivate your readers to seek out more information, i.e. click on your link or visit your website. 
Provide a link when you want to motivate your audience to get to more detailed content.
Stay positive!
Provide an image or video because posts with a visual element are more engaging.
We had a detailed post about the best calls to action awhile back for anyone who wants to learn more. 
Offer tips, how-tos.  If you’re in the service or B2B industries, creating content that includes tips and tricks is always popular. You are, after all, the expert in your industry and your readers will love any type of insider info you can share.  Let’s say you’re in the restaurant or catering business. Your readers might like a tip like this one on how to preserve leftover herbs to prevent waste. Or if you work in real estate, your readers might appreciate tips on closet organization with a link to a relevant Pinterest page
Offer exclusives to your Fans. Everyone loves a good deal. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, a great way to drive traffic from the virtual world straight though your physical doors is by using a whisper code. We wrote extensively about this topic awhile ago but businesses like restaurants, clothing stores and salons are most suited for running a whisper code promotion.
Use photos and video.  Posts that include a photo album, a picture or a video generate about 180 percent, 120 percent, and 100 percent more engagement than the average post, respectively, according to Facebook. Whenever possible, use simple images with a clear focal point. Better yet: use images with highly saturated colors — they stand out against Facebook’s white background. Another tip: Feature images that capture your brand.  
Keep it clear and don’t exceed the limit.  According to Facebook, posts between 100 and 250 characters (fewer than  three lines of text) see about 60 percent more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters. 
What are your Facebook-related resolutions for the New Year? Let us know by tweeting us @shortstacklab
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