How to Find a Facebook App Designer (PLUS: What It’s Going to Cost You)

It’s sometimes hard to come by a good a designer. Especially one who has the skills to design a custom Facebook app. If you’re in one of the following situations, this post is for you:

  1. You want to run a Facebook contest for your business and/or client
  2. You need a long-standing Facebook app to acquire emails, showcase information or feature products
  3. You’re running a promotion and want to create an app with sharing features so it gets more traffic
  4. You want to increase your Page’s Likes quickly through a fan-gated Facebook app that displays exclusive content only to users who have “Liked” your Page

There are several other reasons you might want to recruit a Facebook app designer, above are just some of the most common.

To get the facts about everything that’s involved in hiring a Facebook app designer I spoke to Brian Stoudt, owner of The Factory. The Factory is a design agency that does web, graphic and Facebook app design work. Brian is a ShortStack Master.

What the heck is a ShortStack Master? ShortStack Masters are design-savvy individuals and agencies who know the ShortStack platform really, really well. They’re trusted ShortStack pros whom we feel good about recommending to our users. Basically, these folks have ShortStack’s stamp of approval, so you can feel confident contacting them for all your design needs.

Find a full list ShortStack Masters by clicking here.

I had a few questions for Brian regarding how much it costs to hire a Facebook app designer and the logistics behind hiring an agency to do your design work. Here’s what he told me:

Q: What does it cost to hire a designer to design a custom Facebook app?
A: It depends on the designer you approach. Some work hourly and some work per project. At The Factory, I have package deals for my clients. And for additional CSS coding work — the design work that can’t be done within the ShortStack platform using their widgets — I then charge an hourly fee.

The cost for me to design one Facebook app is $400, for two Facebook apps I charge $600 and for three Facebook apps it’s $800. I charge $200 for each additional app my client wants built.

Q: Who needs the ShortStack account? The designer or the person requesting the design?
A: Every client is different. For clients who already have a ShortStack account, I can design an app and install it through their account. For other clients who aren’t familiar with ShortStack and are looking to me to design and install their app on their Facebook Page, I’ll use my agency’s ShortStack account.

This is awesome for The Factory and for all design agencies across the board. Forty percent of the design work I do at The Factory is custom Facebook apps. Before ShortStack, business wasn’t the same. It’s incredible having ShortStack as a tool for bringing in more work.

Q: How long did it take your agency to learn how to use ShortStack?
A: Hours. The platform is really intuitive to use, especially if you have a web design background. ShortStack saves us a lot of time.

Q: How do you know you’re recruiting a good designer?
A: The best way to know you’re working with a good designer is to look at their portfolio. Their work should speak for itself.

Q: What are the characteristics of a well-designed Facebook app?
A: I think a well-designed Facebook app should be three things: user friendly, visually appealing and have several sharing qualities. It’s often overlooked, but making sure there are share options embedded throughout the app experience is key.

In business it’s sometimes cautionary to disclose this type of information, so I’d I’d like to thank Brian Stoudt for candidly answering my questions and allowing me share my findings with you all. If you’re looking for an app designer, folks, he’s the best.

Feel free to get in contact with Brian at The Factory’s contact page. And to check out some of The Factory’s work, visit The ShortStack Master Directory.

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