How to Turn Your Passion Into A Business: Insight From A Person Who Has Done It [Fred van Schie]


In the social media marketing and PR world, Fred van Schie has carved out his niche. He’s a social media consultant who works almost exclusively with professional skateboarders and big skateboarding product and apparel brands. When Fred’s not teaming up with folks from the skateboarding industry, he’s working with equally awesome brands like olloclip, a quick-connect iPhone camera lens system.

With help from Fred, olloclip is hosting a giveaway on their Facebook Page for a chance to win an olloclip and a pair of DVS boots. The giveaway — like the brands Fred chooses to work with — is reflective of his style: cool and streamlined.

When asked to explain his ShortStack-built Facebook app for olloclip and how his social media agency FvS media Inc. came to be, Fred had this to say:

Can you explain the concept of ollioclip’s giveaway app? This giveaway app is fairly simple, as I believe that a clean and simple way to enter a giveaway gets the best results. Less is more.

The app is fan-gated, so when people aren’t a fan yet of the olloclip Facebook Page, they have to become a fan first in order to enter.

I recently started asking only for email addresses with most of the giveaways I handle, and that has increased the amount of entries. Once you click the submit button a window pops up that allows you to share the giveaway on your personal Facebook profile. Even though this is optional, 80 percent of the entries to this. Check out olloclip’s app below.



How do you promote your app? Once the giveaway app is published to the Facebook Page I always do the first post myself, and then I send the client an instruction email. The email has all the information in it and advises them to do one or two posts a week on Facebook and Twitter, and one or two a month on Instagram. Most of my giveaways run for a month.  They can also forward the email to employees, reps, distributors, media, etc. In this case olloclip and DVS will be promoting the giveaway on all their social media platforms.

I noticed that others posting about the giveaway really helps increase Facebook fans.
In the past months olloclip has promoted some of their Facebook posts with $100-$200 and that has definitely helped to get more entries.

What’s the goal of olloclip’s giveaway Facebook app? The goal is definitely to increase the Page Likes, but olloclip — and almost all of my other clients — know that it’s not just about Likes. The goal is always to increase the interaction.

Stoking out your current fans by doing giveaways is always a good thing to do. It will help your current fans tell their (Facebook) friends about you, and there is no better advertising than that. I believe it’s more about stoking out the current fans then it is to gain new ones. But the effect of these giveaways is that the current fans are telling their friends about it, resulting in new (legit!) fans.


Why did your agency decide to use ShortStack? My good friend John Tran was using ShortStack already and he showed me how user-friendly it was. I was sold instantly.

Overall ShortStack is exactly what I’m looking for when I need a service like this. The software is really great, pricing is good and the customer service is always good. At least once a month I get hit up by other services, but no one comes close to ShortStack.

Tell us about your social media company FvS media Inc.: I started FvS media Inc. less than a year ago. I work with various brands, retailers, and athletes. Most of them are in the action sports. I work with a handful of clients who are not in the action sports, but most of them are action sports related (olloclip, iON Camera, GWAR).

I help all my clients with all their social media efforts. I barely do any of their actual posts, but I mostly work with their in-house social media person to make sure their efforts reach more people and their time is spent as good as possible. I’m a strong believer in putting the focus on interaction, and not in the posting. Showing your fans that you care about them will make them care about you. And then when you have something to say (or sell), they’ll help you promote it.


Read more about Fred’s story and how to contact him by visiting his website.

Fred van Schie found an advantageous way to pair his passions for social media and skateboarding together. His agency FvS media Inc. is booming and in the coming year, the sky’s the limit.

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