New Facebook Dimensions for the Single-column Timeline Design [SAVE THIS]

Single layout Facebook Timeline Design

The latest Facebook news making headlines is the rollout of the new single-column Timeline design for personal profiles. Just to clarify — because several people have already asked us — there’s no news yet about whether or not Facebook has plans to implement a new single-column Timeline design for brand Pages.

If Facebook were to rollout their new single-column Timeline design to brand Pages, what would happen? Our CEO Jim Belosic answered this hypothetical question in a recent post from Jon Loomer. Here’s a little bit of what he had to say:

“If they do apply similar changes to Pages, I don’t think it’s really a big deal. The best practice is to promote apps via the News Feed or ads, so if apps have reduced prominence it won’t be that much of a shift.

I think users need to remember that the vast majority of interaction with fans happens via the News Feed. Users don’t typically visit the actual Page that often unless you purposely drive traffic to it.”

To read the rest of Jim’s commentary, check out Jon Loomer’s post here.

Brands are apprehensive about the very thought of change. But when it comes to Facebook, there are three key takeaways that they should remember:

  1. Change really is good: To stay relevant, change is necessary. Facebook knows this. If Facebook took a more change-resistant approach, the platform wouldn’t be the success it is today. The reason brands are willing to invest into Facebook in the first place is because they know it’s not a fad platform. And in order to not be a fad platform, a commitment to progress is necessary. So embrace change, it’s a good thing — really.
  1. Facebook wants brands in their corner: It’s no secret that since Facebook went public the bottom line has become more important.  A large part of keeping their shareholders smiling is making sure brands are happy and still investing their dollars into the platform. Without brand support, Facebook would be sorely hurting. With that, feel confident knowing that when it comes to design changes for brand Pages, the changes will be implemented with brands’ interests in mind.
  1. Design will never be as important as content: A design change to Pages would not be as detrimental as you might think. Ultimately, it’s still all about the quality of content and the way that content is promoted that most affects traffic to an app.

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