[NEW TEMPLATE] Facebook’s New Guidelines Re: Text Overlay on Photos Goes into Effect Today

test overlay rue

Last month Facebook announced that as of today, “Ads and sponsored stories in News Feed may not include images comprised of more than 20% text.” The change is to prevent News Feeds from being full of posts that look like banner advertising. Since the introduction of Timeline, there have been restrictions about Cover photos, but the 20-percent restriction now includes other images. Going forward, Facebook will be taking a closer look at Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads and not approving ads that violate these guidelines.

Here’s an example of a few different ways you can place text in the cover image — without violating the 20 percent rule. We’re making templates with examples that follow the “20 percent rule” in other photos, too, so check back with us later this week. Want a high res jpeg of this template? Here you go.

What do you think of these new restrictions? Tweet us and let us know @shortstacklab.

20 percent text overlay rule

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