[UPDATED TEMPLATE] Facebook New Guidelines Re: 20-Percent Text Overlay on Ads and Cover Photo

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[UPDATE]: Since this post was first published, Facebook’s guidelines have changed. The 20 percent text rule only applies to Facebook ads that appear in the News Feed Please read the new guidelines here. 


As promised in our blog post from yesterday, we’ve created an expanded version of our template with examples that show the 20-percent text rule in the three most common types of Facebook ads.

Currently, the 20-percent rule — which went into effect on January 15th — applies to Page Post ads, Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts.  When it comes to Facebook ads, a good rule of thumb to go by is this: If you pay money to promote a piece of content, or you create an ad within Facebook’s Ads Manager, the 20-percent text rule applies. (The rule also applies to Cover Photos even though they are not ads.)

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Full 20 percent rule for ads and cover photos

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