How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook [PDF DOWNLOAD]

How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook [PDF DOWNLOAD]

[Update: Since this post was first published, Facebook's guidelines have changed. This post reflects current guidelines as of 9/2013]

Did you know that the majority of top B2B marketers who use social media for lead generation integrate email marketing efforts with their social media? It’s true. And according to research done by the Aberdeen Group, email strategies that integrate with social media yield better results.

In fact, a 2012 report about the state of inbound marketing conducted by Hubspot revealed that 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies used Facebook to acquire customers.

There are three really effective methods for using Facebook to grow your email list so that your business can later leverage it to boost sales.

1. Create an email opt-in form: One of the easiest ways to encourage your Facebook followers to become email subscribers is to have an email opt-in form that lives on your Facebook Page. To do this, design a Facebook app that has a simple custom form, an effective headline and an easy-to-read list of what your business is offering in response to an email opt-in.

Here’s a great example from business and marketing strategist Marie Forleo’s page:


2. Host a contest: Host a Facebook contest that requires an email opt-in. Facebook contests are awesome for engaging with fans and for acquiring valuable user information, like email addresses. Contests can be run on the Timeline or through an app. For some insight on which type of contest to run, check out this blog post. 

Here’s an awesome example of the company olloclip using a Facebook app to host a contest with an email opt-in form:


3. Promote exclusive content: For businesses that have created special content like an eBook, a PDF goodie, videos or even podcasts, design a Facebook app with an email opt-in form. In order for a user to access your exclusive content, they will have to Like your Facebook Page and share their email address.

Here’s a custom Facebook app from Marveo that is a perfect example:


To fully integrate your Facebook and email marketing efforts it’s essential that your email marketing provider and your third-party app design tool work seamlessly together. When the two services are integrated, you will save time and benefit more.

At ShortStack, we’re big fans of MailChimp’s email marketing service. So much so, that we’ve created a special how-to guide for MailChimp users about ways to boost email marketing efforts with Facebook. Whether you use MailChimp or another email marketing tool, the PDF is still a great resource to get ideas about how to use Facebook to grow your email list.

What you’ll learn in the PDF:

• How to increase Facebook Likes and grow your email newsletter list simultaneously

• How to more effectively collect valuable user information using Facebook

• How to share your email newsletter content with more people

• How to create more awareness for your email newsletter

In the PDF we created, we introduce four real-world examples of how to use a Facebook app to grow your email list. We also included step-by-step instructions plus three video tutorials that walk you through how to use ShortStack’s MailChimp Widgets and MailChimp integration feature. If you don’t use MailChimp, the tips in the PDF will work with other email management systems, too.


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