4 Facebook Updates you Must Know About

4 Facebook Updates you Must Know About

Facebook has been making some significant changes for both Pages and profiles lately. Some have been obvious but some you may not have noticed unless you came across mention of them in an article.

The good news is that most of the updates significantly benefit business Pages. Here’s the rundown of recent changes that are either slowly rolling out or have been released already.

 #1: Cover Photos Can Now Include Calls to Action

This is the biggest and most exciting change for businesses on Facebook. Since the day Timeline was released, Facebook has had rules against businesses having any form of call-to-action on a cover photo. As of late this rule has officially been dropped. Facebook has not made an obvious announcement about this, so unless you’ve checked in with Facebook guidelines lately, or heard someone else talking about this, you may have missed this exciting change.

The only rule that still stands is that the text in a cover photo cannot exceed 20 percent. To make sure your photo and text stay within the 20 percent rule, use this helpful resource from ShortStack.

Here are some things that businesses can now include in their cover photos: 

  • - price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it on socialmusic.com”;
  • - contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that can also go in your Page’s “About” section;
  • - references to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or
  • - calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”

To start designing your new cover photo today, download ShortStack’s editable cover photo template!

#2: Facebook Rolls Out Threaded Comments

Facebook has begun rolling out threaded comments for business Pages. The feature is currently available for Pages that have more than 10,000 Fans. This new feature allows businesses to reply directly to a specific comment. A ranking system has been put in place by Facebook which will take into account positive and negative signals and then personalize the way the comments appear.

This feature will make it easy for brands that receive a large number of comments to better organize and respond to their fans. Facebook will prompt a Page to turn on replies if it is available for your business.

Facebook Threaded Comments

#3: Updated Facebook Admin Panel

You may have noticed some changes to your Facebook admin panel. The social media giant is currently testing out a new page admin panel that displays post reach more prominently than it did before.

Prior to this change, the first thing admins would see in their admin panel was current “Notifications” — this included recent comments, wall posts and other fan activity. The new admin panel shows a “Posts” section which displays recent posts and their reach. Facebook is hoping this change will encourage Page owners to promote their posts more often.

Facebook Admin Panel

#4: Change Cover Photo from Mobile Device

This option is so far only available for personal profiles, but it’s still an exciting change and shows that Facebook is adding to their mobile capabilities.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that you can change your cover photo straight from a mobile device. This feature has not rolled out to business Pages yet, but is available on the latest iOS application. This feature was already available on Android devices.

To choose a new cover photo from your phone, simply tap on the cover photo on your mobile Timeline to access the new menu.

Change cover photo from Mobile

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18 Responses to 4 Facebook Updates you Must Know About
  1. Kristen Power Reply

    I love these changes and think the threaded comments will be especially helpful on those posts where specific comments demand a response that varies from the overall tone of the rest of the comments. Over the weekend I noticed the change in the admin panel, however as the admin of a smaller fan-base page, I’d rather see notifications than recent post activity. It would be great for Facebook to allow us to customize what we see in the admin panel, thus tailoring it to our own needs.

    • Sara Piccola Reply

      Hi Kristen,

      Thanks for your comment, I agree! Maybe it will happen in the future.

    • Jamie Clark Reply

      I agree and I am hoping that we can have the option to change it back to notifications! :-)

  2. Virginia Woodall Reply

    Facebook prompted me to turn on replies for my page – we have just over 500 likes. That being said, I have yet to actually see the button to reply to a comment directly (I turned on the reply feature yesterday).

    • Kristen Power Reply

      I added the reply option to my 500-fan page yesterday and it’s live today. It’ll probably show up shortly.

    • Sara Piccola Reply

      Hi Virginia,

      Thanks for letting us know, the last article I had read had said 10,000 looks like they’ve changed that!

  3. Craig Desmarais Reply

    Great overview! I was able to use the updated admin panel and didn’t really like it too much. I am hoping they allow you to switch between the reach and current notifiations. If they do that I will be quite pleased.

    • shortstackdana Reply

      Thanks Craig! Glad you found it helpful.

  4. Nikolaos B. Reply

    more stupidity in cover rules plz – edit: almost noone followed any rule there anyway

  5. Rachel Levy Reply

    Why does it say above that 4 things (price, contact info, etc) are still not allowed in cover photos, when the FB policy doesn’t say that? (it only mentions the 20% text rule)


    • Chris Scott Reply

      I made the same mistake… reread the post, it says “NOW” allowed, not “NOT” allowed. Maybe they should consider changing the wording of that sentence.

      • Rachel Levy Reply

        Ha ha, really? I swear I re-read it 10 times! :) Thanks.

        • Sara Piccola Reply

          Hi Rachel and Chris, sorry for the confusion, yes they are NOW allowed :)

  6. Chris Scott Reply

    The new notifications window is unfortunate. I understand why they’re doing it, but it’s a bit heavy-handed in their execution. Hoping for an option to revert back to notifications as it used to be.

  7. [...] the last month we have seen many changes on Facebook. Some of these are obvious. Others are less visible... graphcomgroup.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/facebook-cover-photos-keeping-you-up-to-date
  8. Roxanne Noddin Reply

    I have fans who comment on a photo on my business page and when I reply
    to their question or comment and even highlight their name, they are NOT
    receiving the notification. It very frustrating for both me and my
    customer because they think I’ve ignored them… Is this a Facebook
    glitch or is it designed this way now? Not sure why Facebook wouldn’t
    deliver a notification to someone who has specifically shown interest in
    something… Is there a fix for this? Has anyone else who has a
    business page had this problem?

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