Infographic of the Day: How Well Does Your Company Do Social Customer Service?

10 Steps to Brilliant Customer Service

Just about every business owner has had a firsthand experience with customers who use social media. Customers have always talked to their friends about experiences they have with businesses — good and bad — but Twitter and Facebook and Google+ etc. give every individual a megaphone with which s/he can tell the whole world about these experiences. This sort of transparency makes some business owners squirm — after all, who wants to hear a disgruntled customer complaining? On the other hand, how good does it feel when a happy customer lets everyone he or she knows about a positive experience? Smart business owners will take take both praise and condemnation and respond to it, perhaps even change internal processes in light of what’s being said.

The folks at Sentiment Metrics put together this infographic that has some tips and a few eye-opening statistics about the role social media can play in customer service.

For instance:

• 90% of upset customers can be retained with great customer service.

• Yet only 36% of customer service departments are involved in social media.

• 21% of businesses offering a service do not use any tool to monitor social media conversations.

What role does social media play in your company’s customer service experience? When it comes to social media, what are examples of hits or misses you’ve experienced with customer service.

10 Steps to Brilliant Customer Service


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