Infographic of the Day: 13 Mindblowing Facebook Statistics

13 Mindblowing Facebook Stats Facebook released the company’s quarterly earnings a few weeks ago and with it a whole bunch of new user statistics. Hat tip to Craig Smith at Digital Marketing Ramblings for compiling an extensive list of statistics, and to Mindjumpers for creating an infographic that features some of them.

Here are some of the most mindblowing stats to come out of Menlo Park this summer:

• There are now 1.15 billion monthly active Facebook users (up 27% from a year ago ). [Tweet this stat]

• There are now one million advertisers on Facebook, and significant growth among local businesses. [Tweet this stat].

• There are 699 million daily active Facebook users (up 21% from a year ago). [Tweet this stat]

• The average number of Facebook posts per Page each month: 36. [Tweet this stat]

• Monthly active Facebook mobile users: 819 million (up 51% from a year ago). [Tweet this stat]

• Total number of Facebook likes since its launch: 1.13 trillion. [Tweet this]

• Average number of daily Facebook likes: 4.5 billion. [Tweet this]

Do any of these statistics surprise you?

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