Use Facebook More Effectively with this Manual

Facebook Maintenance Guide Whether you’re new to Facebook or just want to use it more effectively for your business, this manual will help you learn to use some of the platform’s more advanced functions. It’s designed to help you optimize your business’s Facebook presence, show you how to set up and maintain your Page for success, and teach you how to use apps to build a powerful presence on Facebook.

The Facebook Maintenance Manual includes:

  • • How (and Why) to Convert a Facebook Profile to a Page
  • • Facebook Admin View
  • • How to Change a Page’s Name
  • • Why It’s Important to Assign Admin Roles and Establish Rules
  • • How to Choose Whether You Post as the Page or as Yourself
  • • How to Customize Status Updates
  • • Tips for Better Timeline Posts
  • • How to Choose the App Provider that will Give Your Facebook Page Super Powers
  • • How to Manage Your Timeline Apps
  • • How to Make the most of Your Facebook Page’s Cover Photo
  • • Facebook Maintenance Schedule




15 Responses to Use Facebook More Effectively with this Manual
  1. L. Reply

    Am I the only one having trouble getting the free copy? The Pin button doesn’t allow me to click the button! :(

    • Sara Piccola Reply

      Sorry about that @L. we usually try and remove the Pin It button on there, forgot that step! It’s all fixed now but here is the direct download link just in case:

      • L. Reply


  2. Giovanna Reply

    I clicked over the letters, instead of the arrow and it worked.

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  4. Dany Vecsler Reply

    thanks i am going to use and implement

  5. TheGoodOleDays OnEtsy Reply

    Thank you. Got mine and shared.

  6. Scott McMahon Reply

    Thank you so much for the free manual … Just curious, why didn’t you implement an email opt in before someone decides to download such a great gift? You’re just literally giving it away for free. Yes, there are some good branding and advertising for Socially Stacked in the manual, but almost all the online marketers insist on using a “bribe” or free giveaway as a method of building a powerful email list. Just curious if you had a different marketing strategy? Thanks. (P.S. I subscribed anyway, just because of the law of Reciprocity was in effect ;-)

    • Sara Piccola Reply

      Hi @disqus_9Cl8ug0vIp:disqus, thanks for your question it is a good one. When people sign up to use ShortStack they are automatically added to our email list, therefore when we produce new resources we don’t use them as a means for building an email list. We’ve learned in our marketing that we get a better response from providing the resource without any opt-ins and from there if people want to check out our product they are more inclined to do so. Once they check out our product we then have their email and they can choose to remain opted in or opt-out and our email subscribers get all of our resources before the public. Hope that explains it! Have a great day

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  8. Miryana Reply

    I can’t pin it :(

    • Sara Piccola Reply

      Hi @disqus_pvCzTo1hup:disqus , we’re not having any issues sharing it on our end, maybe it was a Pinterest thing. Try again!

      • Miryana Reply

        It says “Your image is too small. Please choose a larger image and try again.” but it’s doesn’t give me an option to change the image. Nevermind, I added it manually using the URL.

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