4 Facebook Marketing Case Studies – Part 3

Facebook Marketing Case Studies Part 3

If you’re spending some time this quiet week planning out some 2014 social media tactics, add “use custom Facebook apps” to your list. We’re biased, of course, but every day we see businesses of all sizes find success by using custom apps on their Pages. The value of Facebook is no longer a question, but one ongoing challenge is figuring out the types of apps that increase engagement and fan count.

In Part 3 of our series on Facebook marketing case studies, we show you four brands/agencies that have used simple custom apps and found success from them. (If you missed the earlier case studies in this series, check out Part One and Part Two.)

Social Media 180




Social Media 180 - Holiday campaign

Social Media 180 has built more than 1,000 apps using the ShortStack platform. Their biggest success so far came from a holiday campaign app built for AMD which integrated a Facebook contest promotion. They gave away two prizes a day for 45 days.


• 207,000 App Views
• 155,000 New Fans
• 98,000 Contest Entries
• 20,000 New Fans in 45 Days

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Mountain View Grand


Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa - Microsites/Landing Pages

Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa was looking to restructure their marketing strategies to include a social media component that they had been lacking. They decided to focus their efforts on Facebook and from there they used ShortStack to build a variety of custom apps including a welcome app, wedding app and promotions and contests app.


• 1,000 New Fans in 50 hours
• 4,000 App Views
• 927 Contest Entries

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Generosity Day Logo







Masterminds/Generosity Day - Awareness/Holiday App

Generosity Day, which was celebrated for the third time on February 14, 2013, is a day on which volunteers promote spreading acts of kindness, generosity and love.  For the 2013 event the Generosity team wanted to add social media to their marketing strategy. They approached Masterminds, a full-service advertising agency, to help them bring Generosity Day to Facebook. Masterminds used ShortStack to create an app that allowed fans to choose different acts of kindness to perform. Fans could then share their story about their acts of kindness.


• 9,000 App Views
• 1,500 Interactions
• 2,000 New Fans

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Dolan Automotive Group









Dolan Automotive Group - Promotion/Giveaway

Dolan Automotive was looking to give away $30,000 worth of funding to local school upgrade projects. They worked with a full-service communications agency, The Bauserman Group, who brought their promotion to life using ShortStack. The goal of the promotion was to support the local education system and increase engagement among customers and the community on Facebook.


• 9,500 New Fans
• 1,000,000 Impressions
• 105,000 Friend Invites
• 32,000 Contest Votes

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