Your Content is Awesome. Here’s How to Make it Go Viral.

6-5-Reasons-Your-Awesome-Content-19 Creating content is one thing. But getting people to look at it and — more important, share it — is something else. This infographic, from Who is Hosting This examines the reasons blog posts, PDFs, eBooks and videos don’t go viral and gives tips for how to create content and posts that people feel compelled to share.

The reasons content won’t go viral include:

1. Lack of emotional appeal. The takeaway: Content should motivate your readers to feel something: empowered, motivated, smarter.

2. It lacks emotion, isn’t memorable, etc. The takeaway: Create a mission statement that you rely on when conceiving of and producing new content.

3. Bad timing. The takeaway: Study Google analytics and Facebook Page Insights to learn more about when your audience is online. Post accordingly — and don’t skip weekends!

4. Bad design. The takeaway: If your information is difficult to digest from a visual standpoint, people won’t take the time to read it. If you don’t have the budget for a designer, check out some of the free or inexpensive tools out there: CanvaWord SwagSimple Booklet and PicMonkey are some of our favorites.

5. Poor distribution. The Takeaway: Creating the content is only the first step. Then you need to promote it!

What do you think readers? Do you agree with the points made here? What has made your content go viral?



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