How to Avoid Getting Banned

Facebook has strict custom app guidelines. Offenses ranging from spamming users to running illegal promotions could lead to your app being disabled or banned, and could even lead to your Page being disabled or banned. However, some of the offenses … Read more

How to Custom Publish

Custom Publish is ShortStack’s optimal installation method. It gives you more flexibility and control than Quick Publish, but it also has several extra steps, and it’s only available to users on paid plans. Once you’ve designed your app and you’re … Read more

How to Quick Publish

Quick publish is the quickest and easiest way to install your apps, and it’s available to everyone who uses ShortStack. Once you’ve designed your app and you’re ready to publish it, follow these steps:

Click the orange “Install Tab” button.… Read more

How to Limit Multiple Form Entries

ShortStack’s Promotion Form and Custom Form field validation settings let you restrict the number of times individuals can enter your form. This feature is especially valuable when trying to curb duplicate entries into a contest. Here’s how it works:

1.). … Read more

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