ShortStack is Timeline Ready!

ShortStack is ready for you to start designing now for Timeline!

In February 2012, Facebook made Timeline for Pages available to all business pages. Shortly after, Facebook officially switched all Facebook business pages over to Timeline. ShortStack was ready for Timeline before it began.

Below is a list of the changes you’ll find with the Timeline feature, a getting started video on creating and adjusting your app in ShortStack and answers to the most common Timeline questions.


  • Tabs are now referred to as apps.
  • Existing tabs are still at 520px by default.
  • All existing tabs can be switched to 810px with an app setting.
  • You can no longer have a default landing tab, but you can feature up to 3 apps on the cover and you can pin posts to draw attention to apps.
  • Visible apps are now called “Favorites”. When you remove an app from Favorites, it becomes invisible. You can click the plus button when in app edit mode to add it back to Favorites.
  • Visitors can see icons for up to 12 apps by clicking the down arrow to the right of the top 3 featured apps.
  • You can have icons for 10 custom apps (photos and likes will always take up two of the app spots). All other apps are still active, but you’ll need to direct users there via a link.
  • You can change the cover icon for an app by going to Edit Page > Apps > Edit Settings > Custom Tab Image.


How-To Video
  • Fans can now message their favorite brands directly through the message feature.
  • You can add a cover image. Dimensions are 851x315px.
  • Profile picture dimensions are now 180x180px.
  • You can pin posts which will remain on your page for up to 7 days.
  • New “admin” panel at the top of the page allows admins to see their notifications, messages, insights etc. all in one place when they log into their page.
  • An activity log lets you view all posts (even hidden ones), star them, change the date, etc.
  • You can set different admin levels if you have multiple admins overseeing one page.
  • You can promote a post that you put on your Facebook Timeline for a small fee.
  • You can schedule posts to go out at certain times.
  • You can hover over a page name and view their “Timeline Card”.



Where are my tabs?
With the switch to Timeline, tabs have a new name – applications. All your old custom tabs – your applications – are still there; arranged just under the header image, aligned to the right. Can’t find all of them? Find the downward-pointing arrow to the right of your apps, and the rest of them will appear.  You can have icons for 10 custom apps. All other apps are still active, but you’ll need to direct users there via a link (for example, from another app or from a post). This feature allows you to have “private” apps where only qualified visitors will receive a link to the app. Page admins see the icons for all apps, no matter how many there are.

It looks like there is no longer a default landing tab? What do we do?
In Facebook’s old layout, Default Landing tabs served as a Page’s introduction to the visitor. They were a great way to generate likes and promote contests and sweepstakes. While names and locations of things have changed, you can use Timeline’s features and functionality to accomplish the same things you did with your Default Landing Tab. All you have to do is adjust your approach. Add a visually appealing and powerful header image that captures the essence of your business, or give a welcome message. With timeline, you can feature up to three apps on the cover, so you can highlight your favorite apps there. Then you can use Facebook’s new “pin post” feature to promote your custom apps. It’s now possible to pin one Status Update for up to a week. That pinned post will remain at the top of your Timeline.

Can I still set-up a fan-gate? What’s the point without a default landing tab?
Yes you can still set up fan-gating and it is still recommended to bring new fans to your custom apps. ShortStack’s visibility settings are still alive and kicking! After you direct a fan to your custom app through the favorite apps you feature on the cover, wall posts or pin posts, they can still be prompted to “like” your page before getting access to your exclusive content.

What are the dimensions of Timeline?
A few image dimensions have changed with timeline, here are the new dimensions you’ll want to know about:

Cover image: 851x315px
Profile picture: 180x180px
Custom apps: 810px wide
Custom app icons: 111x74px

Can I promote an app in my cover image?
Facebook has announced some strict rules with what can be promoted/presented in the cover image. You cannot feature pricing and purchase information, contact information, references to “Liking” your Page, or calls to action (think “Get it now!” or “Tell your Friends!”)

What are pinned posts?
You can select your top posts and choose to “pin” that post. Pinning a post will move it to the top left of your timeline feed for up to seven days at a time. Pinning can be used to promote custom apps, showcase a photo or video, offer a coupon or feature a timely post.

How do I change the Photo App’s Cover?
The cover of the photo app is the photo you’ve most recently updated. Try uploading a new photo – it will replace the current cover.

How do I change the app positions? 
Tab position is changed by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the cover logos, this will show all tabs. Then you’ll want to click on the edit icon (it looks like a pencil) on an app and a drop down list of all the apps you have installed will be listed, choose another app from the list to swap positions with the app you selected.


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