10 commandments every Facebook admin must follow

by Socially Stacked

Do you find it difficult to manage a Facebook page? The success of a Facebook page is in the hands of the administrators. The administrators are in direct contact with the fans of the page and are responsible for promoting the brand/company/product/service. We have listed the 10 most important things. Stick to this list and make sure you don’t miss anything.

1. Look at the statistics once a week

If your company uses Facebook, you must use Facebook-Insights. This tool is packed with insights and data that can help you get the most out of your social network. After all, data is king.

2. Responding to comments and posts

Not only is it best practice to respond to comments and posts. Comments are also an important tool to improve your performance on Facebook. So never ignore the comments under your posts.

3. Stay up to date with updates and news

Spend half an hour a day or half an afternoon a week reading the latest Facebook news. This way you’ll know immediately when changes are made to the algorithm and you’ll remain an expert on interaction and reach.

4. Don’t just post ads

As Facebook administrator you are responsible for an interesting implementation of the Facebook page. Alternate information and promotions with video, behind the scenes posts, personal stories and the occasional contest. Also regularly post photos and posts from your followers on the page for more interaction.

5. Don’t forget to change the cover picture regularly

The cover picture is an important part of your Facebook page. Change it regularly so that it always matches your current offer. For example, you can use the cover photo and the corresponding button below the cover photo to get more leads.

6. Schedule posts for weekends and holidays

Don’t you post anything on the page at the weekend because this is your spare time? Social media is always online. By scheduling posts on your days off, you make sure the page just keeps going, even if you don’t post it in real time. When you have a good social media strategy you have enough topics to choose from.

7. Post consistently

To ensure that your page remains visible on your followers’ timeline, it is important to post consistently. It also helps to have a good strategy.

8. Don’t just hook up when everyone else is already doing so

Posts are popular during the holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, King’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Be original and also catch up on striking news events that not every other company can respond to.

9. Keep control of a Facebook contest or give-away

Starting a contest always provides a lot of interaction. To prevent people from cheating, it is wise to always mention that the number of tags or likes counts in the results, but that the winner is chosen by an expert jury. You can also draw lots among the tagged people so that everything runs fairly and everyone has an equal chance.

10. Don’t focus too much on the number of likes

The success of your Facebook page does not depend on the number of likes. So don’t stare at it blindly. Rather, focus on the traffic you generate from the Facebook page to your website, or the number of email addresses you collect by linking to the right landing page. Your metrics depend on the goals of your company.

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