10 quick tips for better status updates

by Socially Stacked

Status updates keep your company’s fans up to date on Facebook and involve them in your company. By posting regular updates, you’ll appear on the timeline of your followers. Increasing interaction improves visibility in the news overview. We share 10 tips and examples to help you post better Facebook status updates.

1. Post interesting facts

Fun fact: In Switzerland it is illegal to own only one guinea pig. Do I have your attention? When sharing content, please mention the most important fact in the update for more interaction.

2. Stimulate interaction

Talk to your followers directly to get them to move on to action. At the bottom of the update, for example, put ‘like this picture if you like’ or ‘share this status update with your friends so we can help the environment together’.

3. Do not ask questions too often

One way to get more interaction is to ask your followers a question. You don’t have to do this in every status update but alternate it to keep it interesting.

4. Share a useful tip

Start your status update with the word ‘Tip’ and you’ll immediately attract the attention of your fans. The tips don’t have to relate directly to your own products or services, but leave them in line with their relevance.

5. Show your appreciation for the content of others

Do you share a status update from someone else on your page? Then express your appreciation with a shoutout. Chances are that the other person will occasionally share some of your content on the page, increasing your reach.

6. Build up the tension

Have you been working on a new product for some time or are you planning an interesting webinar? Keep your fans informed and tell them what to expect. So you can count down to the big moment together. When sharing a video or long-read, it’s also a good idea to share in the status update how long it takes to watch the content.

7. Use shortened links

A status update with a long link in it is sloppy and goes at the expense of the attention of your fans. Use shortened links, which you can easily and quickly create on websites like bit.ly and goo.gl.

8. Text in your images

Make your updates stand out in the news overview by using text in your images. Online there are several free tools you can use, like Canva or PicMonkey.

9. Choose a corporate identity

A page with an unambiguous style looks professional and sleek. For example, choose a specific structure for your status update and make sure the images are always posted in the same format.

10. Finish your update with P.S.

To attract extra attention from your followers you can close your status updates with P.S. This is the important message you want to give your followers. For example, you can close with P.S. There are still 10 places available in our next workshop so sign up quickly to get your place.

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