11 essential ingredients every blog post needs

by Socially Stacked

Do you want to write a successful blog article? Here you will find the 11 essential parts that every blog should ideally contain.

1. Choose one topic

Choose one topic for your blog post and make sure it’s clear to your reader right away. Assume that your reader is in a hurry and wants to know as soon as possible whether your blog post contains the information he or she is looking for.

It is also better for your SEO if your blog post has a clear subject and does not contain a bit of everything.

2. Who are you writing for?

Before you start writing, think about who you’re writing for. Who is your target audience? After you have made your target audience clear, however, do not imagine the whole audience during the writing process.

For the readability of the article, imagine yourself one person. One person from your target audience. That ensures natural and easy to understand texts.

3. Logical structure

Every blog post needs a logical structure. An introduction, a middle section and a conclusion.

In your introduction you tell the reader what to expect from the blog post. To which question can he find an answer here? What information do you give him?

In the main section you give the answers and information what your blog post is all about.

After the middle part comes the finale. Here you give a short conclusion or summary. The points you want your reader to remember.

4. Not too short

Make sure your blog post has enough content. 300 words is really the minimum.

5. Catchy title tag

Write a catchy title. A title that encourages your reader to read the blog post. Don’t make it too long or Google will break your title in the search results.

6. Put that title in the URL

Make sure the title of your blog post is reflected in the URL. The URL should make it easy to see what the blog post is about.

7. Meta description

Always write a meta description for your blog posts. This will show Google in the search results. In this piece you have to convince the searcher to become your reader.

8: Images

Images make your blog post vivid. So use at least one. But don’t exaggerate. Many images can cause the page to load slowly. What’s more, your reader won’t be waiting to scroll through dozens of images. Always remember: your reader is in a hurry.

9. White space

A big piece of text scares the crap out of you. Your reader doesn’t feel like it. And before you know it, he clicked your blog post away.

Provide space in your text. You do this by making short paragraphs with white space in between. Enumerations are also a good way to avoid long rags.

10. Fixed writing style

Use a fixed writing style. So don’t start your blog with a business tone and then write a paragraph with a style like your average reader is just 15.

11. Call to action

At the end of your blog post, it’s time to score. You’ve given the reader information, now it’s your turn to get something. What do you want from your reader? A comment? A subscription? A request for quotation?

Make it easy for your reader and put a clear call to action at the bottom of your blog post. And make sure that your reader can do this as quickly and easily as possible.

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