16 + 16 things you should/shouldn’t do on social media

by Socially Stacked

For a company, the correct use of social media in your digital marketing strategy is very important. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do on social media.

16x What you should do on social media

  1. Make sure the information on your company page is complete and correct
  2. Regularly post content that triggers interaction
  3. Be consistent with the content. Make sure it remains relevant to your business. No cat movies, no matter how funny they are
  4. Use your social media to connect with your customers. And to attract new customers
  5. Use the social media that best suits your business
  6. Interact with your followers
  7. Inform your target audience. This creates a form of expertise in your company
  8. Use the right content on the right social media. Twitter is ideal for short conversations, Linkedin for business connections and Facebook is perfect for interacting with your customers.
  9. Be visually appealing in your content. The eye wants something too. It is therefore scientifically proven that images and videos perform better than text.
  10. Keep your identity. Make sure your profile matches the corporate identity. Think of a logo, colour scheme or your company name.
  11. Give credits to whoever deserves them. But beware of unwanted tagging
  12. Be creative. Try out different types of content to see what performs best.
  13. Always be courteous. Even when you have to deal with a complaining follower
  14. Only attract followers in an organic way
  15. Create a group of like-minded people. Social media is not only interesting for promotion, but also for interaction
  16. Consider the best times for posting content

16x What you should definitely not do on social media

  1. Not being up to date with the trends
  2. Post sensitive content. Avoid jokes that can be sensitive
  3. Confusing your business page with your personal page
  4. Getting angry at negative reviews
  5. Not paying attention to writing errors. A post with clerical errors doesn’t do your company’s reputation any good.
  6. Not daring to admit mistakes
  7. Only post when you have inspiration
  8. Forgetting the goal of informing your followers
  9. Posting too much as a seller
  10. Ignoring comments
  11. Limiting yourself to a platform. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, … they can all have advantages
  12. Buying followers
  13. Forgetting the needs of the target audience
  14. Forgetting hashtags
  15. Impersonal appearance
  16. Only posting your own content. Sharing other people’s posts can provide great connections

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