19 things successful brands do differently on Facebook

by Socially Stacked

Why are some brands so much more successful on Facebook? Why does one page get so many more likes and followers than another? Facebook offers great opportunities to get in touch with a lot of people in a simple way, but you have to do something for it. For example, what do the successful businesses do?

  1. People often leave comments on business pages. Brands read these comments and respond to them on a regular basis.
  2. In fact, they also take people’s comments seriously.
  3. They hide long-winded conversations or overheated reactions as quickly as possible.
  4. They mainly use Facebook to connect with the customer.
  5. They invest in advertising on Facebook to promote the content.
  6. They usually use Facebook’s Power Editor to make the ad even more compelling.
  7. Of course, they will be fully informed of any changes on Facebook.
  8. New possibilities on Facebook are also used immediately.
  9. They use their Facebook page to engage people online with the company.
  10. They create fans on their page.
  11. They surprise and reward their fans regularly.
  12. They use apps and Facebook features to promote contests and promotions.
  13. They regularly provide new content.
  14. They’re not just promoting themselves, they usually stick to the 70-20-10 rule. For example 70% advertising, 20% coaching or feedback and 10% information.
  15. They share content that is interesting for their visitors, for example information, entertaining content or a post that offers solutions.
  16. They also use Facebook to promote their other social media channels.
  17. They ensure that new content is also posted in the evening and on weekends.
  18. They post regularly.
  19. They regularly provide a new cover photo, for example once a month.

A Facebook page requires maintenance

With just creating a Facebook page for your company and putting something on it every now and then, you’re not there. You need to keep the page up to date and put a lot of time into it on a regular basis. Only then can you reap the rewards.

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