3 ways to increase your apps virality

by Socially Stacked

Competition in the App Store and Google Play is tough. This makes it not easy for a mobile app to be successful. It makes a big difference whether the app is popular or whether it goes viral. The virality in mobile marketing is the number of new users invited by each user.

If you want your users to share the app, you have to convince them to do so. This is easier said than done. But there are some tactics that will make your users spread the word about your app.

Social sharing features

An excellent way to build growth into the design of your app is by implementing social sharing features into the functionality of the app. This can blend seamlessly into the design so it doesn’t feel intrusive.

No matter what category your app belongs to, it’s always smart to build social sharing into the app. This can be done by integrating social feeds directly into the app or by designing buttons or CTAs for social media sharing.

Think, for example, of a game in which the user receives a pop-up after passing a level with the possibility to proceed to the next level or invite their Facebook friends to play with them in exchange for valuable power-ups.

Often apps are integrated with Facebook and the average Facebook user has more than 300 friends. So your app has the potential to get a lot of organic exposure if the user chooses to share this app with friends.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

To get more downloads and go viral, make sure you have the right app store optimization. Simply put, ASO is the process of optimizing apps to score higher in the search results of app stores.

You can divide the ranking factors into two groups: Pre-Release and Post-Release. For the release you mainly focus on filling in the profile, with the right keywords and description. You also share screenshots and a demo video plus links to your social media profiles.

After release, you can further add user reviews, number of ratings, number of downloads, growth in downloads and so on to the profile. Ask your users in the app to rate them.

It is your goal to receive as many positive reviews as possible without being intrusive. Positive reviews not only make your app rank higher in the search results of the app store, but also make other potential users download the app sooner.

Create a viral marketing campaign

You only need a small budget to set up a viral marketing campaign. Set up a contest or giveaway campaign, for example. All you need is a landing page on which you describe the rewards people stand a chance of winning in exchange for an email address.

People who sign up get a bigger chance of winning by sharing the contest or by downloading the app. For example: “You will get 100 extra entries if you download our mobile app”. For this to be effective, you must have an autoresponder system to guide visitors.

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