4 easy ways to work around Facebooks latest algorithm

by Socially Stacked

The most significant change in the news feed algorithm came in 2018, when Facebook decided to boost posts from friends and family and “posts that triggered conversations and meaningful interactions between people”. At the end of 2019, Facebook decided to change the way it calculates organic page views again, lowering organic reach. How do you bypass the algorithm and still ensure organic reach?

Focus on video

This year, a series of algorithm updates changed the way videos are ranked in the news feed, Facebook Watch and videos recommended by “More Videos”, with the goal of providing people with even more relevant, meaningful content. Important factors influencing the ranking are loyalty and intention, which means that videos that people look up and watch over and over again are given greater priority.

It’s crucial to keep people involved in your video. In order to get a higher place in the news feed, the video playback time must be at least one minute. In the future, this factor will gain even more weight, especially for videos lasting longer than three minutes. Focus on original content. Videos you share from other channels are degraded by the algorithm.

Evoking emotions

Before you post, it is important to consider whether the content encourages engagement. Does it evoke an emotion, such as surprise, inspiration or curiosity? You need to stimulate the opinions and feelings of your followers now that Facebook attaches so much importance to interactions and comments underneath your post.

Facebook, for example, indicates that multiple people responding to each other’s comments on an article or video is a good example of ‘meaningful interaction’. If you can post content that lets people discuss or debate in the comments, not only do you have great engagement statistics, but you also get priority in the updated newsfeed.

Use Facebook Stories

A good way to reach your followers is by creating Facebook Stories. Although this tool was originally invented by rival Snapchat, the publication of stories is now dominated by Facebook. Every day more than 1 billion stories are shared through the platform.

You can include a lot of background information in your stories, or share something funny and entertaining. Since stories take place in real time, you share this with your followers almost immediately.

This content also works well with smartphones, making it very suitable for today’s users who usually use mobile devices. Another reason why stories are so successful is because they support user privacy.

Go live on Facebook

Facebook Live can now be used by anyone using the platform, unlike in the past when only verified brands could benefit from the feature. For companies with a limited marketing budget, this can be an excellent marketing channel as Facebook users watch videos on a daily basis.

In addition, live videos are ranked higher in news feeds, giving them optimal exposure. Compared to the average post, the interaction with a Facebook Live video is 178% higher. It is also worth mentioning that the average reach of Live messages has more than doubled by 2018.

The apparent success of Facebook Live videos is attributed to the organic component, which effectively connects the broadcasters to the audience.

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