4 surprising online marketing trends for 2020

by Socially Stacked

What does 2020 have in store for online marketers? Where are the biggest opportunities and what should you pay attention to? One thing is certain: consumers are increasingly making purchases online, so e-commerce offers almost unlimited opportunities to the modern entrepreneur. Globalization also continues at a rapid pace. Read on to find out what the 4 most surprising online marketing developments are for this year.

The rise of AI

The impact of AI, automation and machine learning is strongly visible in 2020 and can be felt in almost all developments. Artificial Intelligence not only unleashes a technological revolution, but also makes the online marketing possibilities even more limitless.

When AI is further developed, there will be no more programmers telling the computers exactly what to do for a particular job. Instead of a direct instruction, the computers are trained, making the results less predictable and controllable.

Automation enables online marketers to work faster, smarter and make better decisions. The role of online marketing and personalisation technologies should not be underestimated.

Voice search

2020 will probably be the year that voice search really takes off. Users also keep typing, but when they search they often say the command. This is partly due to the popularity of voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google Home. Voice commands can be executed a lot faster.

A study in America shows that people speak an average of 150 words per minute and type only 40 per minute. The average voice search is therefore a lot longer. Until now, mainly messages are ordered via voice search. It is expected that the turnover generated by voice search will be around 40 billion in 2022. Nowadays there are mainly open questions such as ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘where’.

Further globalization

Because of the Internet, the country borders have become increasingly blurred. The economies of scale are very large for an internet company, as a result of which they operate more and more internationally. International companies have an enormous amount of data at their disposal and can therefore approach even more personalized customers.

As these large companies continue to grow, globalization continues. For example, you can already see that people around the world are using the same smartphones and technological gadgets. Think also of the megalomaniac Amazon, which is also coming to the Netherlands.

The platforms create dilemmas for many advertisers. Potentially it gives you a lot of volume to connect, but this makes you more dependent.

More focus on customer retention

Retention is one of the areas where new and fast-growing Internet companies can gain an edge. Often these companies already have a group of loyal customers who order from them more often. Also pay attention to this group and, for example, send them a discount code that they can apply to a next order.

Retention makes a big difference in the acquisition costs, because you don’t pay them again for every order. Make sure you have insight into retention so that you can actively take steps to strengthen retention. When your customers stay with you longer, you’ll have more budget left over for the acquisition of new customers.

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