4 ways to use Facebooks photo comment feature

by Socially Stacked

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you’re already well on your way, but you should nevertheless keep up to date. For example, the photo commenting feature is indispensable for companies that want to show their best side on Facebook. When your fans respond with photos, they can more easily give you a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings. That is valuable information! How do you motivate your Facebook fans to use the photo commenting feature? Use the following four tips.

1. Dare to ask

Social media is interactive and your fans are likely to love taking on a challenge or showing what their favourite product is from your company. So ask an intriguing question that immediately motivates action. For example: “what is your favourite product in our store?” Show it off with a photo!

This can be a nice question if you run a supermarket. You can also ask more specifically for your favorite brand or favorite product. You can even turn it into a photo contest. The person with the best photo gets his favorite dish or favorite product for free.

These photos are beneficial for your company, because what better social proof than customers or guests who promote your products with a photo?

2. Ask fans to share useful resources with you

By asking your fans to share useful resources in the form of a photo in the response, you’re really involving your fans in the company. Good for your fans and good for your company, because that’s how you get ideas. Maybe you have an interior design agency.

Then ask your fans for before-and-after photos of their home or let them share Pinterest photos of interior styles they like. That way, you can really see what your fans are interested in and know what direction to think.

3. Ask fans to share photos from one of your events

Have you hosted an open day, party or other event, where your customers and/or guests were also welcome? Have them post photos afterwards in the commenting section. Social media is mainly about posting photos and videos; people like to share their experiences with others. The shared photos then increase engagement.

4. How’s your day?

Yeah, you can also just ask your fans what they have planned for today or how they spent their day. Set a good example. So, for example, share a photo of your employees having drinks or playing table soccer during the break. Chances are that the comments will follow soon.

Such a photo comment is the ideal way to promote your products in the comment on the photo. Suppose someone sends you a photo in which he or she is working late. Then you could respond: ‘It’s late already. Luckily we have delicious frozen pizzas waiting for you. You don’t have to cook tonight!’

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