40 ways to get the word out about your campaign

by Socially Stacked

If you want to promote a new campaign, nowadays it’s not as easy as it used to be. At least not like a few years ago. Of course the social media channels have brought a lot of new possibilities, but you’re not the only one who benefits from this.

If you put something interesting on Facebook in the early years, you could count on getting lots of likes and comments. Nowadays there’s so much on offer that you have to do a little more to stand out from the crowd. Facebook visitors are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of messages and sometimes even get ‘media tired’.

Make the campaign stand out

So it’s important that you find a way to make your campaign stand out among all the other messages. And you can! Because it turns out that 75% of the campaigns that are successful have been promoted optimally and in the right way. There are many ways to promote a campaign or post.

Luckily, most ways of doing this have little or no cost. It only takes some time. Perhaps the most important thing is consistency. That’s why we’ve drawn up a handy checklist to help you promote the campaign in the right way.

Share, share, share…

If you want to promote a campaign it is of course nice if your post is shared a lot. Keep this in mind when designing your campaign posts. There are several options that can make sharing easier and therefore greater engagement.

  • 1. For example, you can place special widgets on your website so that people can easily share the campaign on their social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • 2. Make sure they can refer to a friend in the post, make sure they can tag a friend. If necessary, place a referral URL with the post.
  • 3. Give points per completed field, this stimulates people to fill in extra fields.
  • 4. If necessary, choose a voting widget and show the voting messages in a gallery, this also encourages others to vote.
  • 5. Create an action widget, this invites people to take action. For example, give them the opportunity to display pop-ups or enable sharing instructions.

Add special features

It is wise to add special features to your website or blog. First check which online messages generate the most traffic.

  • 6. Create a notification bar for the website header, for example using the Hello bar. The sidebar displays the promotions.
  • 7. Create pop-up alerts and display special campaigns.
  • 8. Create footer images with call-to-actions, especially on a blog post.
  • 9. Make a banner announcement on the homepage of your website on blog.

Make sure your social media is up to date

Keep your social media channels up to date. Post regular status updates and messages about the ongoing campaign. But there are also other ways to promote your social media channels and campaign.

  • 10. Provide a new cover photo and profile photo on your Facebook page on a regular basis.
  • 11. Also update your Twitter header regularly.
  • 12. Make sure your Twitter bio is up to date and place a link to your campaign in your bio.
  • 13. Do the same on Instagram.
  • 14. If you want to promote a video, make sure the link of the video is in the description box of the video.
  • 15. Actually, use these tips for all your social media channels.

Marketing via e-mail

The conversion rates of email promotion are three times higher than those of social media, according to a report by McKinsey & Company. Most people also prefer to receive important information through this channel. So make sure you have subscribers and use email marketing to inform people about your campaign.

  • 16. Send all your subscribers a marketing email with information about your campaign.
  • 17. Promote the campaign in your newsletter with a headline or footer.
  • 18. Set auto-responder emails. If someone shares their email address with you through your campaign, they’ll get a confirmation message right away. Also don’t forget to create a lead list.

Make sure you have the right content

The right content can be used to advertise a campaign. There are several possibilities for this:

  • 19. Blog posts supporting the campaign
  • 20. E-books or white papers to download
  • 21. A .pdf that you can download and that can support the message of your campaign
  • 22. Guest posts from a blogger who has a target audience you want to reach
  • 23. Infographics with a call-to-action on the footer
  • 24. Graphical tutorials or a how-to content
  • 25. Videos with a call-to-action to visit your campaign


If you possibly have a budget to promote your campaign, you certainly shouldn’t leave it at that. There are several ways to promote the campaign in a paid way. When it comes to content, don’t hesitate to invest in this as well. A SEO-writer knows how to make the text better and more effective. These are the most popular ways:

  • 26. Advertising on Facebook
  • 27. Promoting tweets
  • 28. Google Ads
  • 29. YouTube video ads
  • 30. Remarketing display advertising
  • 31. Advertising on television
  • 32. Advertising on the radio
  • 33. Advertising in a printed newspaper
  • 34. Advertising on a billboard
  • 35. Brand sponsorship
  • 36. Pinterest worthy photos

Use the traditional ways

Some traditional media have a wider reach and not just the internet. You can formally inform these channels of your campaign. You can do this in four ways:

  • 37. Send out a press release
  • 38. Make an ad or hang announcements in the store
  • 39. Organize an event, create a special hashtag for it.
  • 40. Put your campaign on a website with giveaway lists if the information about the campaign is free.

Enough opportunities to make your campaign a success.

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