5 Facebook promotion guidelines that are (ir)relevant

by Socially Stacked

Setting up promotional activities and campaigns via Facebook is more effective than many self-employed people and entrepreneurs think. But the world of computers and Facebook are changing rapidly. Certain ways of promoting yourself and your company via Facebook have become obsolete and irrelevant in recent years. What exactly are these promotional advices? If you want to use Facebook for more attention, which activities and campaigns can you put on hold anyway, preventively, because they have no effect on the realization of your marketing goals?

1. Incoherent posts without topical value: not relevant

Do you use Facebook to post about your company every now and then? Make sure that your reports have the necessary topicality value, are educational and / or have entertaining value. Facebook followers find nothing more disappointing than regular posts that only look like advertisements and have no added value to follow them. Therefore make sure that the content is strong and relevant!

2. Get enough followers: relevant

A Facebook page to sell your products or services is actually only efficient and profitable if you reach a large target audience. It is therefore important to link as many visitors as possible to your Facebook page, if possible, preferably to make them a bit addicted.

The intention is, of course, that occasional visitors become regular followers. And from there ultimately loyal customers who will buy your products or services. A major advantage of this approach is that you can bind customers to your company for a longer period of time.

3. Opt for an affordable advertising service: relevant

One of the biggest and most important concerns when you want to promote on Facebook is not just to post messages on your company page. But – to a limited extent, of course – also opt for interesting advertisements. As we already saw in tip 1, it is important to spread advertising sparingly.

And, in addition to targeted advertisements via Facebook, to provide plenty of content and interesting content on your company’s Facebook page. But is advertising via Facebook really effective? According to research, it is. Normally you reach about 1 to 10 percent of all your followers with content through your company’s Facebook page. Facebook deliberately set this up to make advertising attractive.

If you choose for online ads via Facebook, the reach will be a lot bigger and you will realize at least a doubling of your target audience reach!

4. Using large pieces of text: irrelevant

Studies have shown that internet visitors who see large rags of text drop out relatively much faster. Therefore, make sure you have short, catchy texts. A good way to deal sparingly with textual posts is to choose short, attractive quotes for messages. Catchy quotes challenge visitors to continue reading!

5. Use visually strong photos: relevant

Images sometimes say more than thousands of words, as a well-known saying goes. This truism certainly applies to company pages on Facebook. Therefore, make sure to include a sharp and catchy image with every post.

Most effective are photos of your products or services that do not really need an explanation. With the right images you can quickly entice your loyal followers to make a purchase. So pay enough attention to the visual material you use on Facebook!

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