5 tips to enhance your Facebook Graph Search ranking

by Socially Stacked

When Facebook Graph Search was officially introduced and explained to the general public in 2013, CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Facebook’s “third pillar” (which you can freely translate as “third cornerstone”, after the Timeline and the Newsfeed. The tool actually works like a search engine by indexing all the information on Facebook, from photos to Likes.

This filter then divides this information into two groups: that which is shared with you through your connections on Facebook and that which is publicly shared by people on the platform. This way you don’t have to find out who, for example, is a fan of the TV series Penoza, but you can use Graph Search to search and find that information right away.

Over the years, the tool has undergone many changes, but it remains important for individuals and companies to be found as easily as possible on Facebook. That’s why we use this article to list some tips to improve the Facebook Graph Search rankings of your page(s).

Location, location, location

As in the real estate industry, location is also very important for Graph Search. Or rather, it is important to mention your location correctly and clearly on your page. Location plays a key role in displaying search results and without a correct address, your page will not appear between location-based search results.

Choose a relevant category

This second tip largely boils down to what we explain in the paragraph above, only this time it’s about category instead of location. Facebook gives you the opportunity to add your page to a specific category, so the ranking of the page is better in case of category-based searches. It is important that you choose a category that exactly matches what you or your company want to achieve through Facebook.

Photos and videos

One of the things that have become a lot easier thanks to Graph Search is the search for photos and videos on Facebook. That’s why it can be of great value to post such content on a regular basis. Also don’t forget to give all pieces of correct tags, because they can also be filtered. This way you can quickly improve the rankings of your page.

Provide a complete profile

This may sound obvious, but it would surprise you how many people and companies are active on Facebook without fully filling out their profile. This is a missed opportunity when it comes to Facebook Graph Search rankings. The more correct and relevant information can be extracted from your profile by the search engine, the greater the chance of higher rankings. In addition, if your profile is complete, it will also be a lot better and more credible to people who visit your page.

The value of check-ins

This is a tip that can be particularly valuable for companies and organisations with a physical location. By allowing check-ins on your page you can allow visitors to share their location. The more people check in to your page, the stronger it will perform in terms of location based assignments. With a little creativity, it will be higher in Facebook Search Graph rankings in no time.

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