5 ways to make a statement with a Facebook profile picture

by Socially Stacked

Your profile picture on Facebook: should it be used for a statement? Many people think so: your Facebook page is your business card for various contacts, both private and business. On Facebook, these two worlds often overlap and you don’t want to offend anyone. Still, you can make a statement in a nice way just by modifying your profile picture. Here are five ways.

1. Show solidarity, show compassion, raise the alarm or provide information

In the period that Facebook has started to play a role in your life, many news facts have reached you through this social medium. Many Facebook photos were changed because of an event in the world. The hashtag #staystrongappie, after Ajax talent Abdelhak Nouri became unwell, was used by many, with or without an image of the footballer or just his back number 34.

Another example were the ‘je suis Charlie’ images after the attacks in Paris. So in the political and topical field you can show involvement, but you can also warn, give (voice) advice or raise the alarm.

2. Adjusting your appearance

When it comes to fashion and appearance, there are of course various ways to make a statement through a photo. A fashion statement is the first one that comes to mind: ‘if everyone cuts their hair, I’ll let it grow’. And then post a selfie with hair in front of your eyes.

And so, again with certain news items in mind, you can make other outward statements. Take the same haircut as a politician, a punk haircut when a Russian punk band is picked up, dye your hair in your club colors, take the same moustache as your favorite musician or wear the same characteristic glasses worn by the hero in a movie.

3. Picturing something

Also by means of gestures (language) on a selfie you can make clear what you think of it. Keep a finger on your mouth if you think a certain discussion is ready. Close your eyes and put your hands on your ears if you don’t need to know anything at all. Stick out your tongue if you want to pose as a rebel. Make a heart with thumbs and forefingers when the world is once again dominated by hatred and violence. Or make a cheering gesture like certain professional football players do. There are countless gestures and facial expressions that lend themselves very well to this kind of selfies.

4. No selfie

On the other hand, you can make a statement through an environmental photo. By showing where you are, and how important that is. This can be done in a light-hearted way: a photo of the entrance of a festival speaks volumes, or a photo of a legendary work of art you are admiring at that moment. Or more weighty: a photo of a place where important events have taken place before. From the Coliseum to Checkpoint Charlie: you show that you are interested in world history.

5. Quotes, symbols, emblems, drawings and logos

And, of course, there are already existing images on the internet with which your statement leaves nothing to be desired. A drawing, a symbol, an emblem, a logo, an iconic news photo or a famous quote. A popular, sarcastic but at the same time important quote is this one: ‘May your life be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook’.

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