6 ways to leverage your Facebook cover photo

by Socially Stacked

The wide photo at the top of your Facebook page is the Facebook cover photo. This large photo immediately attracts attention when someone visits your page. Don’t choose a generic cover photo of a landscape or an inspiring quote for your company page, but make the most of the space to encourage your visitors to take action. The cover photo offers the ideal opportunity to represent your company and sets the tone for your Facebook communication.

1. Go for high quality

First of all, make sure that your cover photo is nicely displayed on all devices. Facebook itself indicates that the photo should be 820 X 312 pixels for desktop computers and 640 x 360 pixels for mobile devices. However, not every screen has the same settings, so the cover photo will be adjusted to the size of the various screens afterwards. Most professionals recommend the following sizes: 820px at 360px.

2. Ask visitors to like your page

Is it your goal to increase the number of followers on your Facebook page? Then use the cover photo to achieve this goal. It works well to point users literally and figuratively in the right direction by placing a photo of someone from your company pointing to the ‘like’ button. You can also mention in the cover photo what fun extras your fans receive by liking your page.

3. Ask visitors to share your page

Similar to the previous tip, you can also use the cover photo to ask your fans to share your page. Many Facebook users visit the pages their friends have commented on when they see this in the newsfeed, but they are reluctant to tell someone else about their favorite brand. Make sure that the cover photo enthuses and give your fans a good reason to tell their friends to like you.

4. Guide fans to an offer

Directly beneath the cover picture is a button that visitors can click on if they want more information or want to make an appointment, for example. This button can also be linked to a landing page, for example if your goal is to sell as many e-books as possible. By making smart use of the cover photo, you can significantly increase the conversion from your Facebook page. For example, you can use the cover photo to show your e-book with a call-to-action and an arrow pointing to the button where fans can claim their free copy.

5. Send people to your website

Most companies use Facebook to share information, offer a look behind the scenes and create more reach for a product or service. You can use the cover photo to let your followers know that a new product has been launched or to make them a particular offer.

Use the cover picture, for example, to let your fans know that they can follow free workouts for a month via your website, or that you’ve just released a new product that the first 100 fans can order at a 10% discount. Then use the visual to direct them to click on the button at the bottom of the cover photo to claim their offer.

6. Facebook cover video

Do you want to be original? Then record a Facebook cover video! This video starts automatically when a visitor comes to your page and is between 20 and 90 seconds long. Make sure that the video also appeals without sound, because the sound only comes on when the video is clicked on.

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