7 types of social media fans how to engage with them

by Socially Stacked

Anyone who knows anything about digital marketing or owns a successful online business knows the importance of social media. Using social media to acquire new customers or to interact with current customers is an often applied tactic. But not every follower is the same and as you might suspect, every type of follower needs a different approach.

1. The silent follower

The silent follower is the type that follows your page and company, but is not an active customer. They may have started following your page because their friends do, but they don’t have an active role in your customer base. On the other hand, every successful entrepreneur in this group will just see potential to increase their customer base. The best way to make them an active follower is to post interesting content such as texts, images or videos that they are interested in and thus start liking your post.

2. The occasional follower

The occasional follower is the type that follows your company or brand because of a purchase in the past. By regularly liking what you post, we provide more online visibility and involve their friends in your business. However, to make them an active follower, you will have to work to offer them more creative products or services.

3. The bargain hunter

This type of follower is always looking for the best deals that can save him a lot of money. So to attract his attention, you’ll have to come up with a nice discount.

4. The complainant

This is the type of follower that we of course prefer not to see, but are always present. The complainant is not even necessarily an active customer, but likes to spread negative opinions. As an entrepreneur, it is important not to go along with this, but rather to seek interaction through a polite response to their doubts about your product or service.

5. The enthusiast

Where you have complainants, thankfully you also have followers who just applaud your product or service. These fans are a blessing for any online business. After all, they will actively promote your product or service. You can stimulate them further by offering them something interesting that they can promote. This will increase your visibility and the reputation of your brand.

6. The dissatisfied customer

The type of follower you’d rather avoid. This follower has been active using your product or service, but is not satisfied with the result. He expresses his dissatisfaction on your social media, which has a negative impact on your reputation. Prevent a lot of damage by responding quickly and friendly to his complaint. Offer him help to look for a solution.

7. The loyal follower

The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur. The loyal follower supports your company on every level. Not only do they actively promote your product or service on your page or with their friends, but also defend you against the complainants. To reward – and keep – their loyalty, you can offer them gifts.

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