8 must know Facebook tips for small businesses

by Socially Stacked

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is a thing of the past. TikToks, Instagrams and other fancy words take over! However, reality shows that this is a wrong idea. Facebook has by far the largest number of active users, by far the most profiles and also by far the most business pages. Do you want to reach a large number of people effectively? Then Facebook is and remains the way to go. But how do you do that effectively? How do you succeed in distinguishing yourself from the millions of other business pages? Here are 8 indispensable tips.

1. Fun is the code word

Most business pages keep it professional and that results in a boring page with only promotional content. Tell me honestly: are you really interested in purely sales-oriented content on other pages? Do you really think people are waiting for that? There are already more than enough ads on Facebook. To speak out, you need quality content. A golden rule here is 80% informative and fun content and 20% promotional content. For example, tell your company story, give some real tips about your sector, do a video behind the scenes, …

2. Facebook ads exist. Use them for their purpose

Selling products in your organic timeline posts? People hate it. Fortunately, Facebook has the ad management to achieve exactly that goal. So use it. Instead of pumping everything into one ad, create several and measure which one is the most effective. After a while, you immediately understand what works and what doesn’t.

3. Think about organizing a webinar

A webinar is a scary idea for many entrepreneurs. However (if your sector allows it) it is the ideal way to gain trust and attract new clients. It helps you stay relevant, shows self-confidence and gives you a lot of options. For example, invite an expert or clients with a question or comment.

4. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights tells you everything you want to know about who visits your page, when they do and why. Study this information to get a real idea of your customers and your target audience.

5. Get feedback from the community

A Facebook poll is one of the most effective ways to get feedback from your customers and stimulate engagement. So use it. Maybe make it a game that comes back every week. Dare to go completely offtopic. Interaction with your customers is king and a relevant poll can also teach you a lot about your business.

6. Visualize

No one is a fan of a boring text without an image to tickle. So don’t you dare to not use images. Photos are good, videos often better. Ideal is a combination of both.

7. Don’t forget to respond

A good business page responds quickly to activity on the page. Are there any questions in the comments? Be the first to respond. Is there a negative comment? Investigate what the complaint is and respond without reproach with a helpful tone of voice. Deleting or ignoring this is a bad idea.

8. Check your competitors

A good company knows exactly what its competitors are doing at any given time. So keep an eye on your competitors’ pages. Are they successful? Analyze why and adapt it to your company.

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