Checklist: how to evaluate your Facebook page

by Socially Stacked

Facebook is now full of business pages and hundreds of thousands of advertisements are placed on the platform. Yet many companies forget an essential element: optimizing the business page on Facebook.

You can see the business page as your company’s business card, so it’s important to use its full potential. For many potential customers, the page is even the first point of contact with your brand, product or service. Use this handy checklist to optimize your Facebook page.

Profile photo and cover photo

The very first thing that catches the eye when visitors come to your Facebook page is the profile photo and cover photo. The profile photo is also shown when you post a post or comment and is therefore an important identifying feature.

In many cases the logo is chosen. This has two advantages: your logo becomes known online and you increase brand awareness or your logo is already known and ensures recognition among the target audience.

The cover photo is a powerful tool to adjust your page from time to time. Use it, for example, to promote a new product or a new service or use the cover photo as a means for visitors to click through to your website. Think carefully about the purpose of the cover photo in advance so that you know how you can best shape it.

Is your company information complete?

Many companies forget to complete the info page. This is a missed opportunity, because here you can give information about different things. For example, share a piece of your company’s history, or your mission and vision. You can also add links to your website.

On top of that it looks more professional when you make a well filled in info page than when you leave this page blank. Facebook offers space for company details, contact information, more info and a whole report. You can use the report to share even more information about your company and to address the visitor personally.

The most important thing is that the company information always matches the message you want to convey from your company. You can also change the text on a regular basis if, for example, you want to promote a new product.

Is your menu personalized?

You can personalize the menu on your Facebook page by adding new tabs. By default, the menu contains the tabs: home page, messages, photos, videos, info and the number of likes.

You can add your own personal tabs to this menu. This allows you to completely match the menu to the message that suits your company.

Go to Settings and click Edit page. Here you have the option to choose a suitable template for your Facebook page. Matching tabs are suggested depending on the template you choose.

You have a choice of locations, company, shopping and services. According to Facebook, the standard buttons and tabs available within the template are best suited to the needs of that specific type of business.

Take a critical look at the content

Is the content you post still in line with your marketing strategy? Occasionally it is necessary to take a fresh look at your content, especially when you notice that the interaction with your visitors is decreasing. This is an ongoing process, because the needs of your customers change, as well as the technical specifications of the platform.

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