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It is a common misconception that email marketing is not as powerful as it used to be. By 2020, marketers have more options to reach and engage consumers through the rise of social media. However, no other marketing channel is as cost-effective, adaptable and action-oriented as email. Not convinced yet? Read on, the figures speak for themselves.

Average open rate of 20.81% for all industries

A research by MailChimp has shown that the number of e-mails opened exceeds 20% across all industries. E-mails related to a hobby have the highest open rate with 27.35% followed by e-mails sent by public authorities (26.52%). Art and artists’ emails rank third with an open rate of 26.03%.

Transactional emails have an average CTR of 4.8%.

This number is three times higher than for non-transactional emails, which generate a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 1.6%. This email statistic means that email marketers have become more adept at finding ways to add value through transactional emails, enabling them to drive more engagement and desired actions.

Smaller email lists have a higher CTR

Statistics from GetResponse have shown that emails perform better if the list is not too long. Between 1000 and 2499 subscribers have the highest CTR with 5.32%, followed by lists up to 4999 subscribers. If you have an extensive list of subscribers, you may be sending to invalid or inactive email addresses. Look at the statistics and the number of hard bounces and remove email addresses your email campaign is targeting for more reliable results.

Use emojis in the title

A study by Experian showed that e-mail subject lines with an emoji increased the open ratio by 56% compared to subject lines with text only.

Avoid using these words

The words ‘free’, ‘help’, ‘ # percent discount’ and ‘reminder’ in a subject line have a negative effect on open rates. This is partly due to the fact that the sent e-mail is more likely to be seen as spam and therefore does not end up in the mailbox.

Don’t send too many emails

Not sure if you’re sending too many emails? Companies see the highest open rates when they send 2 emails per month. When signing up, also clearly indicate how many emails the subscriber receives, for example twice a month, weekly or monthly. Make the e-mail personal by starting with the recipient’s name. Personalized email campaigns increase the click frequency by 14%.

Add a button

Adding a call-to-action button to the emails instead of just a text link can lead to a 28% increase in CTR. A simple option that you can easily experiment with to see if this has a result for your business.

Focus on mobile

One in three clicks in an email is registered on a mobile device. In 2019, 62% of email campaigns will be opened on a mobile device, compared to 10% on desktop. 42.3% of people delete an email immediately if it is not optimized for mobile.

Segment your target audience

33% of companies segment their customers by demographics or behaviour and target them exclusively via email campaigns. Segmented email campaigns achieve 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented email campaigns.

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