Easy ways to work around Facebooks latest algorthim changes

by Socially Stacked

Facebook’s algorithm changes regularly. In 2020, the platform will give more priority to messages posted by Facebook users rather than the content of companies. The focus of the new algorithm is on valuable and meaningful interaction. What you can influence are the signals from the content, think for example the posted time, the number of fun, shares and comments.

Lower organic reach on Facebook

The decline in organic reach on Facebook has been visible since 2014. One of the reasons for this is that more advertising content is available. This paid content competes with free content for space in the news overview. Especially when it comes to a company’s Facebook pages, advertising content is usually preferred.

The problem is that too much content is published on Facebook, making the visibility in the newsfeed increasingly competitive. And Facebook strives to show people the content that is most relevant to them, instead of looking up all the available content.

Valuable content

As a company it is necessary to create valuable and relevant content that promotes positive engagement. After all, Facebook sees it as meaningful interaction when your target audience interacts with your content. As a result, your messages will continue to be shown more on the timeline of your followers in the future.

So make sure you start a conversation with your status updates. This doesn’t just have to be about the message you want to convey as a company. Your goal is for people to stop scrolling through the Facebook app and respond to your post.

Be more selective about what you post

In order to achieve as much interaction as possible it is necessary that you are selective with what you post and share. The goal is no longer to reach as many people as possible, but to get as much interaction as possible from a single post. Every post that you publish on a branded page can be targeted to a specific target audience, regardless of whether it is a sponsored post or not. This improves the overall interaction with the message because it directly appeals to a specific target audience.

Share exciting videos on Facebook

Videos on Facebook attract attention, making it more likely that visitors will stop, start watching and perhaps even cancel the mute when they see them in the newsfeed. Use videos with subtitles, animations and attractive images to attract the attention of Facebook users.

Videos have an 186% higher engagement according to Quintly research. Use not only Facebook to distribute your video content, but also other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Make use of Facebook Live

Are you already making broadcasts on Facebook Live? This is an excellent way to get attention. Users spend as much as 3x more time watching live broadcasts than traditional social platform videos, so start experimenting with live content if you’re worried about your organic reach.

For example, you can use Facebook Live to advertise what you do on other platforms to generate a buzz. Go live for at least a few minutes to make the broadcast appear in the newsfeed and share authentic content from behind the scenes to attract and captivate your viewers.

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