Facebook news feed in 2020: what can you expect?

by Socially Stacked

In 2019, Facebook already underwent major changes in the way the news appeared in the news feed. Instead of the most recent news, users could choose to see only photos, status updates, links or page updates. This had a major impact on what the user saw and caused a sharp drop in organic reach. Also for 2020 major updates are planned.

Renewed Facebook timeline in 2020

Facebook is planning to make the timeline disappear completely out of sight. At the moment you can see the news feed with all the messages directly when you open the website or app. In not too long time this will change completely. For example, you can still visit groups via the shortcut buttons at the bottom of your mobile screen, or the sidebar of the desktop website.

Facebook wants to implement a change so you also have to visit the timeline via a button. You won’t be the first to see the timeline when you open the website or app, but you will have to perform an extra action. From 2020 the social platform will focus even more on groups and private messages that you can send via Facebook Messenger.

Groups and private messages

For some time now Facebook has been saying that they think relationships are most important. For this reason, the algorithm has already been thoroughly adjusted several times, for example the change in 2019 in which messages from friends were shown earlier than those from companies.

In 2020 Facebook will make the choice to make changes that will close down the social media platform more. In this way, the focus is shifted to stimulating one-to-one contact. This means that Facebook Messenger will become a larger platform and also interaction in groups. How Facebook will shape these plans is not yet entirely clear, but it is important to anticipate this as an entrepreneur.

Go ahead and test

Are you currently little active in groups and do not yet use Messenger? Now that you know what the plans of Facebook are, it is wise to look into the possibilities. This will automatically give you an edge over your competitors who do not (yet) do this. The impact is also smaller when the changes within Facebook are implemented.

Think about what kind of group you could create for your niche in which valuable interactions predominate, or join an already existing group to see what topics are being discussed and to which you can respond (non-commercially!). If you create your own group you can promote it among your followers and in other groups by writing messages about it.

You want to build up a group with members before groups are used massively. Also check out the possibilities of using Facebook Messenger for your company. Facebook will use this channel more for advertisements in the future, but this is already possible now. Get started with this with a small budget to see how it works and test it.

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