Holiday shopping trends that businesses can profit from

by Socially Stacked

Holidays are not always the best days for you as an entrepreneur. You have to deal with a lot of hustle and bustle and there is a lot of stress involved. Fortunately, the holidays also have a lot of advantages, so they are the ideal period to make more profit. We’ll tell you how to do that!

Use content to sell more products

Holidays are the ideal excuse to advertise your products and/or services more. Highlight certain products that may be of interest during these holidays and use blogs and social media as much as possible to give your target audience extra tips. For example, you can create a top 5 of the most popular Christmas gifts or a top 5 of fun gifts below a certain amount. This way, your company and your products get more attention.

Join in the vibe of the holidays

Many people attach a lot of importance to the holidays, which is why it is also important that you, as a company, are involved in this. A company that adapts well to festivities shows a warm heart and gets a lot of sympathy, which makes it sell more. How can you do this? For example, you can share personal party experiences with the target audience. Share photos of your company that show the party atmosphere. This way you can make your company more accessible. Adapt your social media and (online) marketing campaigns for the holidays.

Also adapt your products

If you want to sell more, you can also choose to customize your products. For example, put together sets especially for the holidays. Sets always do well as gifts, especially if they are packed by theme. You can provide festive packaging for your individual products.

Give the customers a little extra

During the holidays, people actually expect companies to come up with all kinds of great promotions. When people start looking for presents, they take the time to find the best deal. You really don’t want to end up as the most expensive one.

So make sure you get interesting promotions that will make you stand out from the competition. Discounts not only increase your purchases, but they also give your regular customers a feeling of appreciation. Which discount should you give? Of course, that depends on what is feasible for you. Free shipping and packaging is interesting during the holidays.

Research has even shown that as many as 66 percent will buy sooner when shipping is free. On top of that you can offer some exclusive discounts. Think for example of cross-selling, which makes potential customers inclined to buy even more. You can also give your customers a free gift. It is important that you investigate what your competitors are doing and dare to go a step further.

Be reachable at all times

During the holidays it can be very busy, no matter how difficult it is sometimes, in this period it is more important than ever to remain contactable at all times. Customers want to find the perfect gift and therefore often have a lot of questions and during the holidays something can go wrong. You want to be able to help them as soon as possible, otherwise it will be to the detriment of your company’s reputation. So if necessary, hire extra staff for the busy days. You’ll earn those extra costs back in no time!

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