How does the Comment/Like Importer of Shortstack work?

by Socially Stacked

Shortstack creates customizable all-in-one software that allows you to turn off social media games in no time. You can use this software to turn off races on social media, create unique landing pages, send emails and analyze the results without encryption. With the Comment/Like Importer of Shortstack you can import comments and likes into a Shortstack list.

Import functionality Shortstack

You use the Import comments / likes feature to import the comments and likes of a Facebook message into a ShortStack list. The program can create an overview based on the Facebook User ID number, the name as it appears on Facebook, and the content or comment (including photo) of each user who interacts with a post.

For this you can create a new empty list, but it is also possible to import the information to a list of existing content. Perform the following steps to use the import function for comments/likes:

To an existing list

To import into an existing list: click on the down arrow to the right of the ShortStack list to which you want to import the data and then click Import from. Then select ‘timeline’ (it is also possible to import data from Instagram).

Then click on ‘import from timeline’. Then add the list name and any tags you want to add to the new list and click continue. Now select the Facebook page with the likes and dislikes you want to import.

You can choose any page on which your personal Facebook profile has administrator rights. Select the post. ShortStack displays the 25 most recent posts in descending order. Scroll down to see additional messages. Now choose if you want to import comments and likes, likes only or likes only comments.

Import to a new list

If you want to import the data into a new list, click on the ‘New list’ link at the top of the Lists Manager. Furthermore, follow the same steps as described above. You can customize the software to your own wishes, which makes it possible, for example, to give extra weight to a comment above a like.

Multiple chances

Sometimes you want to set up a competition in which people have a better chance of winning a prize if they both like it and leave a comment. If this is the case, check the ‘Allow multiple items per user’ box at the end of the import options to allow users to earn multiple items: one for liking the post and one extra item for each comment they leave.

  • Check the ‘Import likes as voice’ box to count each “Like” that then counts as a vote.
  • Check the ‘Import photos from comments’ box to import the photos in the post’s comments.
  • Check the ‘Extra chances to win for votes’ box to enter an adjusted number of “points” to be allocated to comments and likes.

For example, if you say the status update is worth five points and comments are worth 10 points, a user who likes the post and responds twice has 25 points. When you check the box ‘Import likes as vote’, the number of likes for a comment will be added to any bonus points.

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