How the pros use Facebook advertising

by Socially Stacked

It may be very easy to create an ad with Facebook, but designing the optimal Facebook ad requires a lot of attention and expertise. You have to think of the text, images, videos, call-to-actions, targeting, placement and so on. With the right tools and strategies this process becomes a lot easier and much more efficient. For this reason we have listed a number of secrets that the professionals eagerly use.

Always test multiple designs

The professionals never assume anything. To make sure something works, you have to test. Regardless of your level of expertise or many years of experience in advertising on Facebook. Always test both the design and various targeting options of your ad.

Social media is not static, so even if you use an ad that was effective in the past, you have to take into account that consumer behavior changes, the ad layout changes and new ad placements are constantly being rolled out. All of this affects the results.

It is advisable to come up with and test at least four different Facebook ads every time you create a new campaign. For example, you can test two different images with two different texts. 2 images and 2 texts form 4 variations.

Creating Buyer Personas

Most companies have different types of customers with different needs. Buyer Persona’s can be used not only when advertising on Facebook, but also in all your other marketing activities. By spending time and attention to this, you not only improve your Facebook ad designs, but also serve your customers better in general.

For each type of potential customer, create a detailed persona and give it a name.

Take ‘Tim’ as an example. This highly educated man is between 30 and 35 years old, has an above average income and prefers to spend his spare time with luxury weekends away and holidays.

What is the biggest problem he wants to solve by using your product? By understanding your target segments and their specific pain points, you know which images and text inspire and motivate them to take the desired action.

Add social proof

The most influential emotion in a purchase decision is fear. When people refuse to buy your product, it is because they are afraid of losing money, in other words, they are making a bad decision. This fear is deeply rooted in people and this is the psychological phenomenon of loss aversion.

People are more guided by the fear of losing something than by the prospect of getting something. This does not mean that you should give your products away for free, even though it is advisable to give something as a gift every now and then, such as a free e-book.

You can allay the fears of your potential customers by using ‘social evidence’. Social proof is a visible recognition that many previous customers were enthusiastic about the product, service or brand. You can provide this evidence in the form of likes and shares, but it is even stronger when you add testimonials to the advertisement, for example.

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