How to create and share social videos

by Socially Stacked

Social videos have become an increasingly important part of marketing. Because some concepts on social media platforms are relatively new, the art of editing a good video, suitable for that platform, is also a new skill. How do you make the best social videos that fit any platform?


Important with YouTube is that you adhere to the SEO rules. This platform is from Google and if you want to end up high up in the results of this search engine, you have to make good use of the right keywords. So check which keywords are typical for your company.

Then you have to brainstorm about the video itself. Especially reviews, vlogs and instructional videos are popular on the channel. So it may be wise to use one of these types or make a video together with a famous vlogger to put your name on the map.

Important when making a video is that you add a call-to-action at the end. For them to watch to the end, it is just as important to have a strong introduction. Make sure that the first three seconds of the video immediately attract attention. Finally, adding written text in the video is an absolute must for good social video marketing.


Want to post videos on Instagram? Then there are a few things to consider. The first is that Instagram has a time limit. Basically, a video takes one minute, then the viewer is asked to continue watching it. It is therefore best not to let the video last longer than one minute.

Square videos are ideal for Instagram, but you can also choose a vertical or horizontal frame. Of course it is crucial to choose the right cover (thumbnail) for your photo. This thumbnail should make your followers immediately enthusiastic. Also make sure your video is clearly understandable without sound. Many people watch the videos on Instagram without audio. Placing text or subtitles is therefore wise.

You can also post videos as an Instagram story. Instagram stories only remain visible for 24 hours, but prove to be very effective. Important when posting a story is that you keep it short. Wrap up your audience in just ten seconds to get results and make it personal. The advantage of this medium is that you can share as many stories as you want. They don’t appear on the timeline of your followers and are therefore not disturbing.


The rules for creating successful Facebook videos and directories are similar to those of Instagram. However, a video on Facebook may last longer than one minute.

Still, it is wise not to make your videos too long, because you want to prevent viewers from dropping out. Facebook rewards you when your videos are being watched. This way you have a better chance of getting a better place on the timeline of Facebookers.

Facebook also prioritizes live videos and followers are notified when you share a live video. That all works to your advantage!

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