How to get more shares on Facebook

by Socially Stacked

With a poor organic reach it is not easy to get noticed on Facebook. An excellent way to increase your organic reach is by increasing the number of shares in your post. The Facebook algorithm sees this as a confirmation that your content is relevant to your target group. There are a number of practical tips that you can apply directly to increase the divisibility of your content.

Choose the right post type

No matter how interesting the information you share, when you want to encourage people to comment on the content and share it with friends, it is essential that you present the information in the right way. If you don’t stand out, your target audience will just keep scrolling.

How best to present this information depends on the type of message you share. Question posts are posts in which you ask a question and invite followers to share their thoughts and answers. This leads to a lot of comments, but not necessarily to shares.

Videos are a great way to add an entertainment factor to your interactions with an audience. In addition, this post offers the opportunity to tell a story. These posts are often shared. Winnings and posts with a discount code or other advantage also do well.

Choose the right image

Posts that go viral or are widely shared almost always contain eye-catching images. This must be something that people see, recognize and share within seconds. Funny memes that convey your thematic goals are always a good choice.

It is important that the image fits your company. For example, shocking images will be shared quickly, but this must fit in with your communication. To go viral, you really need to think out-of-the-box and be a bit edgy.

Create a strong response

When you want to make people enthusiastic or encourage them to take action to share your mail, it’s an efficient way to appeal to emotion. Visual content, such as videos and photos, therefore perform much better than any other type of content.

This means that if your link and text messages don’t get enough shares, you can turn them into a visual post. Whether you share a post with text, a link or a question, draw people’s attention by creating original images to accompany the message that evoke emotion in the target audience. This will certainly help improve your social media strategy.

Choose the right timing

Timing can make a crucial difference. If you share your content when most of your target audience is asleep or at work, chances are that your mail will not be shared that often. Several studies have been done to find the best time and days to post.

What is relevant to your company depends on your target audience, among other things. In general, messages posted over the weekend perform best. This could be because the competition is bigger during the day and on weekdays by companies that don’t work with scheduling tools. This results in lower involvement for posts posted in the early hours.

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